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So, your son wants to gain right into airsoft?

It’s all he talks around and, according to him, all the cool kids are into it.

You want to allow him to indulge his passion, yet you’re worried that the totality airsoft suffer is going to be detrimental to your child’s safety and security – and their lengthy term advancement.

You’re not alone.

In this civilization of college shootings and also violent video games, many parents feel that airsoft is sending the wrong message to their son.

Others are equally came to with the potential physical risks affiliated.

In this short article, we delve right into the topic of airsoft and also kids to administer you through a well balanced perspective on the worry.

Parent’s Guide to Airsoft Guns


Airsoft may appear to be a reasonably new phenomenon.

However before, it is necessary to realize that airsoft has been approximately for a long time.

The initially airsoft gun was made by a Japanese firm back in the ’80s, lengthy before paintround weapons were also created.

Airsoft guns were developed as, and also reprimary, low velocity, non-lethal weapons.

They primarily fire at a velocity of 300-400 feet per second. The airsoft BBs that they fire are either 66mm or 8mm in diameter and also mainly weigh .20 grams.

Even though they are much safer than BB firearms, it is important that those playing airsoft wear complete protective equipment.

When your kid is hit, a red welt will certainly be left under their apparel. However, if they are hit on the bare skin, it will certainly probably break the skin.

For this factor, the majority of airsoft fields about the civilization will have a minimum engagement distance of roughly 10 meters.

Ifyou are going to allow your children to play airsoft in the backyard, over andabove taracquire shooting, you need to insist that they are wearing complete protectivegear.

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The greatest risk as soon as it pertains to obtaining shot is being hit in the eye. That is why it is imperative that your boy is wearing top quality goggles at all times.

Kids have the right to gain frustrated as soon as wearing goggles as they tfinish to fog up and impair vision.

Talk to your boy around this, stressing that they should never before take off their goggles, no matter just how tempting it may be.

As aresponsible parent, you have to impose a number of set in stone rules regardingairsoft firearms. They need to include:

Only suggest the gun in a safedirectionDO NOT look down the barrelof the gunThe gun MUST be in safetymode unless you are firingOnly place your finger on thecreate as soon as you have the intention of shootingAlways act as if the gun isloaded

You have to be aware of the airsoft regulations in your regional area. Each state in the US has its own laws in this regard.

For instance, in Massachusetts, it is illegal for anyone but parents to purchase an airsoft gun for a kid.

Ignorance of the regulation is not an excuse, so you should be educated before you go dvery own the airsoft route via your boy.

How Old Should a Child be to Play Airsoft?


The initially suggest to note when answering the question of what age a child must be to play airsoft is that, in most locations, you need to be at leastern 18 years of age to buy an airsoft gun.

However before, there are many hundreds of youngsters under that age that play airsoft battles. Most airsoft battlefields in the USA have actually a minimum age of 12.

However, they typically stipulate that children aged in between 12-15 have to have actually an adult supervisor via them at all times.

So, kids under the age of 12 must not be encouraged to play.

Whether or not you permit a 10-12-year-old to exercise taracquire shooting through an airsoft rifle in the backyard is a decision that you will certainly need to make.

The decision as to whether you allow your son to have an airsoft gun deserve to be guided by their age, but, eventually, it requirements to be a decision based upon their perspective and also level of maturity.

Is your child old sufficient to understand the principle of personal duty – that eincredibly action they take has a consequence?

If not, leave it for a year and also then revisit the issue.

You deserve to probably recontact that a generation or two ago, it was quite prevalent for children as young as 8 or 9 to have actually a BB gun.

This was primarily used for targain shooting in the backyard. In comparison to a BB gun, an airsoft gun is actually safer. Rather than a metal pellet, they fire plastic BBs. These 6mm projectiles are fired at in between 300-400 feet per second (fps).


Although lower than what you’d gain from the average BB gun, this is still effective enough to take out a person’s eye.

We need to additionally take into account the current social and also political climate. Tright here is a fixation on firearms as being responsible for the difficulties in society.

As a result, many kind of people recoil at the sight of a pre-teen running roughly via a weapon that looks incredibly much favor a real attack weapon.

And that brings up a far-reaching issue that you should consider – realism.

Airsoft firearms are very realistic looking. In comparikid to the BB guns of old, tbelow really is no comparison!

Airsoft assault rifles, especially replicas, are virtually identical from the actual thing. It is imperative that, as soon as they are delivering their guns in public, world save them in a bring instance.

If you don’t trust your kid to be able to carry out that, are you all set for them to be mistaken for a lunatic through a actual attack rifle – and the potential after-effects that might follow?

If you carry out decide to enable your child to have actually an airsoft gun, you must sit dvery own and talk about the worry of perhaps being mistaken for holding a actual gun.

Let them know that this has actually happened and also has actually brought about world being swarm via a genuine gun. If they don’t ‘get’ how serious an worry this is, carry out not let them go close to an airsoft gun!

You should also know that, in most US states, it is illegal for a child under the age of 18 to carry airsoft unless they are in the firm of an adult.

In some claims, only a parent deserve to provide an airsoft gun to a boy under the age of 18.

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Airsoft must just be played on a designated airsoft battlearea, so tright here is no reason that a kid, or anyone else, need to be moving them about in public.

You may decide to allow your under 18-year-old to use an airsoft gun on the battlefield and then keep the gun locked in a safe at various other times.

Airsoft for Kids: The Pros


Assuming that your kid is at least 12 years of age, what are the benefits of enabling him to obtain right into airsoft.

We’ve figured out the complying with benefits:

Safe Intro to Guns

Airsoft allows a son to be presented to the human being of guns in a safe manner.

It have the right to teach them responsible gun handling and also safety and security, such as dealing with every firearm as being loaded, always pointing the weapon in a safe direction, the prestige of always wearing protective gear and also the correct techniques to execute via leveling, aiming and also firing the weapon.

Physical Activity

If your kid is anything prefer the vast majority, it’s tough enough to gain them off the computer system, let alone running about in the great outdoors for 6-7 hours straight.

Airsoft have the right to execute that. In reality, many kind of youngsters discover it so addictive that they are literally begging you to permit them to run roughly in the woods for 6-7 hours eexceptionally weekend!

That has actually got to be good for them physically.

Mental Growth

At the start, your son will most likely be content to run approximately via extremely little structure shooting of BBs. But, as part of a team, they will shortly be finding out some important life abilities.

They will learn to be a team player, to follow orders, exercise patience and construct strategy in order to bet the opplace.

Social Development

We live in a social media-moved people that, ironically enough, is hugely anti-social.

Kids, in general, do not engage with others face-to-face. As a result, they lack basic social skills that children of a generation or 2 back had mastered by the age of 10.

Being part of an airsoft team permits them to develop those skills. They will be interacting via human being of different age groups, too, which is an additional lost ability among the young people of today.


Airsoft have the right to be a wonderful endure for your kid. It offers the opportunity to learn to take care of weapons safely while likewise arising physically, mentally and also socially.

However, tright here are potential pitdrops. This short article has offered you through a balanced perspective on both sides of the problem. Now, the decision is yours!