Using liposuction, excess fat is extracted from specific components of the body and moved to the buttock location to accomplish a lifted, plumper and more rounded appearance.Generally, I take fat from the lower earlier, love handles and abdomen and also usage it to shape the optimal part of the butt and also often the sides, also.

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In addition, butt augmentation is an excellent way to slim and trim ameans where you have also much fat while structure up wright here you would prefer more. Many kind of of my patients take advantage of the liposuction procedure used in a butt lift to reduce fat from their tummy, waist area and thighs and also deliver it to their butt, giving them the beautiful hourglass silhouette they’ve always wanted.

10 essential questions to ask before getting a Brazilian butt lift

I feel strongly that the even more indevelopment a patient has, the more satisfied she will be with the results of her plastic surgery procedure. That’s why I thought it would certainly be valuable to share some prevalent concerns and answers so that anyone interested in acquiring a Brazilian butt lift can make an informed decision.

1. How perform I recognize if I’m a great candidate for a BBL?

You have to be in great clinical health to be thought about an excellent candidate for any type of type of plastic surgical treatment. If you have actually any kind of heart conditions, lung conditions or neurological disorders, you may not be a good candiday for a BBL.

2. Why would I gain a BBL rather of butt implants?

The major distinction between a BBL (a fat grafting procedure) and also butt implants is how a lot fat you have actually in your body. With butt lifts, tbelow are fewer complications. Also, liposuction have the right to be performed at the very same time to offer more roundness, form and also curve to the buttocks. Fat (from your own body so there is no danger of rejection) forms well, deserve to be inserted specifically in the locations that need it, and helps produce hips.

3. Do I need to acquire or lose weight prior to the procedure?

While it varies from perchild to perkid, you need to be a few pounds over your right weight before having BBL surgical treatment. The important factor is that when you have actually obtained weight for a BBL, you must keep that very same weight after that in order to maintain the outcomes.

4. How safe is a Brazilian butt lift and what are the risks?

I believe the Brazilian butt lift procedure is very safe —the procedure is extremely renowned. The complication prices are fairly low and also the significant dangers incorporate pulmonary or fat embolism (blood clot, in much less than 1% of patients) and anemia.

5. Wbelow will certainly my fat be extracted from?

Normally, I extract fat from the reduced earlier, love handles and also abdomales and also usage it to form the height part of the butt and also possibly the sides.

6. How much scarring will certainly tright here be?

I always attempt to minimize scarring as a lot as feasible. For a BBL, there will certainly be small scars (about 4 mm long) in the creases around the buttocks and also abdominal location. I attempt to hide as many of them as I can and perdevelop a lot of of the surgery in the areas that are concealed. Sometimes the post-surgical treatment scars will be raised, sometimes they obtain dark, and also occasionally you can not watch them at all. It entirely counts on just how your individual body heals.

7. How long will certainly the results last?

The fat that I put right into your body is a graft, just favor a skin graft. I take fat from one area of your body and put it into another. A skin graft doesn"t go amethod and neither will the fat — this is an extremely long-lasting procedure. On average, intend around 50% of the injected fat to remain in the area and around 50% will certainly be retook in by the body. This is why I constantly put in added fat grafts.

8. How lengthy will certainly it take to recoup after a BBL? Will I be able to sit?

I advise my patients not to sit at all for as a lot as 6 weeks complying with the procedure. After that, you deserve to sit on a boppy (nursing) pillow so that you’re sitting on the ago of your thighs and also not your butt. Tright here are likewise distinct chairs that enable you to sit without sitting on your buttocks.

9. Can I resume continuous exercise after a BBL?

I absolutely encourage my patients to exercise after surgery. However before, I would certainly not desire someone doing excessive cardio which might cause them to shed the fat that’s been moved. To get the heart price up and also still maintain the BBL results, I recommfinish squats, lunges, calisthenics — exercises that offer a great workout and also increase the results.

10. When have the right to I go earlier to work after a BBL?

People commonly have the right to go earlier to occupational around one week after the procedure. What seems to work-related well for my patients is to take their boppy pillow to the office and also usage it in their occupational chair.

You could be an excellent candidate for a butt lift if you:Have lost a significant amount of weight and also your butt currently sags and also droops.Are overweight and also haven"t been able to shed weight via physical activity and alters in your diet.Are at a normal weight yet want to substantially enhance the appearance of your lower body.Are at a normal weight yet your skin will not contract after liposuction as a result of poor elasticity pertained to aging.Are unhappy through the in its entirety shape and lack of firmness of your butt.If you are interested in a Brazilian butt lift

If you are thinking about getting a Brazilian butt lift and also would certainly choose to schedule a totally free consultation,pleasecontact me.Iwill sfinish you additional information prior to your appointment.

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