Our meticulous requirements and also five decades of experience sourcing only the many beautiful diamonds means that we don’t resolve for second best. At TEJORI Diamonds (in Dubai & Abu Dhabi), our large carat diamonds and rings are not just specifically selected and imported, they’re always conflict-totally free. 

We desire you to love your diamonds and also endeavour to make certain each one is perfectly suited to its brand-new owner. For that factor, we market you an exclusive consultation before purchase to make sure we understand your precise needs. So if you desire to understand more around our diamonds, call our expert team currently on This email attend to is being safeguarded from spambots. You require JavaScript permitted to see it. or sindicate search our live diamond pricing tool below.

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How Much More Diamond Can You Get?

As an instance of the incredible worth to be obtained buying diamonds from TEJORI Diamonds, a 9 carat, G colour, VS1 clarity, VG cut round diamond is currently for sale from TEJORI Diamonds for a total of $598,232 (there is no sales tax in Dubai / UAE). This precise very same diamond is being sold by a renowned UK-based online diamond retailer for $778,865 including VAT.

Hence a magnificent conserving of $180,633 to be made by purchasing from TEJORI Diamonds.

The World’s Most Beautiful Diamonds – at the World’s Best Prices

We resource and also carry out each and every one of our customers through tremendous, big diamonds at the world’s ideal value prices.

How are we able to carry out so?

Our transparent and centralized supply chain.

- We buy directly from diamond cutters, cutting out the middle man and saving you money.

We store overheads low, definition razor sharp margins.We take advantage of the UAE’s helpful tax rates.

-As tbelow is zero sales taxation in UAE and also very low import duties, we are able to pass our savings directly on to you.

Quality & Service You Can Trust

Although we offer some of the finest prices on the market, this doesn’t suppose we deteriorate on quality. We are absolutely discerning in our selection and importing of big carat diamonds, and also your ultimate satisfaction via our diamonds is constantly our peak priority.

In order to ideal serve your demands, we cater for a variety of requests, including:

Loose diamondsDiamond set in a ringDiamonds collection in jewellery

Our team have been in the market considering that 1964, so understand also that the ultimate discretion is essential at all times. You deserve to trust TEJORI Diamonds to treat all researches sensitively and also confidentially.

For your convenience, you deserve to examine our diamonds in Dubai, or alternatively we deserve to supply to your area, worldwide.

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Mr Kaushik SoniTEJORI Founder

"After enquiring to TEJORI in breakthrough of our expedition, and them offering excellent customer service via email, we ended up shopping via them. Got a beautiful ring simply how we wanted at an excellent price."

Ms. Helen L., Manchester, UK (TripAdvisor review)


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Many happy customers
50 years in business
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7 convenient Dubai locations
2,000 pieces to view in store
Custom jewellery in 24 hours

Access 90,000+ diamonds
GIA, IGI & HRD certified
From 0.20 carats to 20 carats

To say I was amazed by the last ring in perkid was an understatement. The ring was precisely as I and even more importantly my fiancée wanted. The top quality of the finished item was superb and also the after sales service equally so. Going forward I will certainly be purchasing all my jewellery from TEJORI and would certainly extremely recommfinish others to do so.