One of the more frequently damaged automobile components is the side mirror. You drive as well close to a parked car or don’t quite miss a speeding auto and also your mirror is most likely the component to get smaburned up.

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Side mirror replacement prices between $139 and also $328 for components and labor, while you have the right to intend to pay between $35 and $90 for the component itself.

While you deserve to find third party mirrors for lower prices than main manufacturer parts, that isn’t normally what your dealership is going to use. The price of the part will certainly vary depfinishing on the type of mirror your vehicle’s manufacturer uses. It doesn’t take long to rearea a mirror, yet some vehicles will require that part of the door be taken apart to install the mirror.

Side Mirror Replacement Cost Comparison

Below are a list of sample prices from the leading garage chains in the USA. Expect the price you pay to be various depending on where you live and what type of vehicle you drive.

Your Mechanic

Parts & labor12 months$140 – $350


Parts & labor12 months$170 – $300

Mr. Tire

Parts & labor12 months$130 – $345

Pep Boys

Parts & labor6 Months$150 – $350


PartsLimited$72 – $299


PartsLimited$82 – $188

It might seem choose a little component of the vehicle, but tright here are many components that go into making your mirror look great on your car and practical as well. You might finish up paying much even more than you supposed when it comes time to relocation it or you might uncover a way to save a lot of money and also get basically the very same outcomes. Here at Auto Service Costs we will assist you carry out both.

The price will considerably vary for side mirror replacement. The extent of the damage is a big element as is the type of car you have. You also need to figure the kind of mirror you have actually into your estimates. Manual and also automatic mirrors are not going to be very same price.

Once aacquire, the level of the damage is going to variable in here. If even more than simply the mirror itself was damaged, then you will have to pay even even more than we’ve spanned right here.

Benefits of Side Mirror Replacement

It deserve to be tough to attribute without a side mirror. It tells you as soon as vehicles are coming up on you and also once it is safe to readjust lanes. It is important to have that mirror there for safety. You are going to be partly blind on the road till you gain it fixed.

It may additionally be illegal to drive without a functioning side mirror in many says, so you will desire to rearea it as soon as possible. If you can’t settle the mirror professionally automatically, then you deserve to more than likely fasten it on through some duct tape. If the mirror is totally shattered, you can fasten a tiny hand mirror on your car till repairs are made. Any means you perform it, just make sure that you have actually a side mirror on your auto. It’s going to be unsafe to drive without it.

When Should You Have Side Mirror Replacement Done?

You must have actually the mirror replaced right amethod when it is seriously damaged. Not all side mirror damages necessitates a replacement though. A scrape or crack below or tright here does not intend you need to rearea your mirror. But if you cannot watch out of it clearly and also accurately, then you need to gain it reinserted right ameans.

When doing fundamental repairs or maintenance on your automobile, your mechanic may alert that your mirror is started to wear out, or even more particularly that its link to the auto is beginning to break down and deteriorate. It may not be an emergency to relocation the mirror at that allude, but you should arrangement to replace it shortly.

What Is Done during Side Mirror Replacement? 

Many side mirror replacement is pretty straightforward. The old mirror is taken off through a socket wrench or screwdriver and also the brand-new one is put on the very same means. Sometimes, the process is even more complex. Tright here may be wiring or cables to attach if the mirror is automatic.Some mirrors are incorporated closely into the adjacent components of the car. In some models, a huge sections of the same door demands to be taken acomponent to allow for proper installation. If you arrangement to perform the mirror replacement on your own, make sure you recognize what you are gaining yourself into before you commit to it.Many times, the mirror or parts of the automobile will certainly need to be repainted. Odds are, if your mirror was damaged, your vehicle was scratched up a little bit and demands a tiny paint project. This have the right to include to the cost of the replacement, but it should not be costly.Some one-of-a-kind tools may be compelled for all this. A door take care of removal tool will help acquire off the door handles and also connect the brand-new cable.A trim handle removal tool may be crucial for once you remove door panels. Often, just the panels of the door should be removed to install the new mirror.

How to Save Money on Side Mirror Replacement

The finest way to save money on side mirror replacement is to buy the components and install the mirror yourself. In many kind of situations, you can conserve a lot of money and time. Some mirrors will certainly need certain socket wrenches to obtain them off and others will call for you take acomponent other components so the auto to install them correctly.

You deserve to constantly research study the installation procedure for your auto prior to you make your decision. You have the right to practically always save money by buying your own parts though. Keep in mind that not all mechanics are going to permit you to lug in your own parts. Before you buy a brand-new mirror for your auto, be sure that you are buying a perfect version and that your mechanic will certainly permit you to usage your very own components for his repairs.

Other than that, simply try to find the least expensive mechanic you can for the job. As long as they are using high high quality components, it shouldn’t issue that replaces the side mirror for you. It isn’t typically a facility task, so any type of mechanic should be able to take treatment of it easily for you.

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Sample Costs for Replacing the Side Mirror

We’ve compiled some costs for having actually the side mirror reput on a selection of renowned vehicle models to aid give you an idea of what you’ll pay for your automobile. There’s not a large difference in between the expenses of this work-related for various cars, so the cost should be reasonably continual across all brands.

Ford F-Series$40 – $85$99 – $175$139 – $260
Chevrolet Silverado$40 – $90$115 – $199$155 – $289
Ford Focus$40 – $85$99 – $175$139 – $260
Toyota Camry$45 – $90$120 – $210$165 – $300
Toyota Corolla$45 – $90$120 – $210$165 – $300
Nissan Altima$35 – $79$85 – $189$120 – $268
Honda CR-V$37 – $79$110 – $249$147 – $328
Honda Civic$37 – $79$110 – $249$147 – $328
Honda Accord$37 – $79$110 – $249$147 – $328
Ford Fusion$40 – $85$99 – $175$139 – $260

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Compare your quote to various other people from approximately the country to make certain you are getting the best deal. The average for side mirror is $299