Florida State"s Mike Norvell, Miami"s Manny Diaz comment on their teams" beforehand struggles this college footsphere season


Let"s obtain one point directly appropriate off the top: Miami and Florida State are not the championship programs we all remember from decades past. Or in the case of Florida State, from eight years earlier.

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These are two programs that have even more newly finiburned with shedding records in the same seachild (2019) than as AP top-10 teams (2000).

But watching Miami shed at home to Michigan State 38-17 and also Florida State fall at Wake Foremainder 35-14 last Saturday still felt jarring. Florida State is 0-3 for the initially time because 1976; Miami is 1-2 after founding the season ranked No. 14. Only one various other team (Georgia Tech) from the ACC has a losing record, reinforcing the sad state of affairs for 2 of college football"s the majority of iconic programs, particularly compared to in-state rival Florida, which virtually upcollection No. 1 Alabama.

Florida State and also Miami stand also in radically various positions as programs. The Seminoles entered the seaboy coming off of three straight losing years and are in the middle of a enormous reconstruct, so expectations were not practically as high as they were in Miami.

But both teams have been plagued by the same on-area concerns, ranking in the bottom 4 in the ACC in scoring offense, scoring defense, complete offense, total defense, third-down conversions, penalties and turnover margin. Florida State is likewise the only ACC institution that does not have actually one player through at leastern 100 yards receiving on the seachild. Pitt and Virginia each have actually five. With Diaz now in charge of the defense aobtain, Miami has one of the worst tackling teams in the nation.

Why have actually things gone so wrong so far in 2021? Let"s take a closer look.

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Florida State

Expectations were tempered headed right into the seaboy, particularly through the high level of schedule obstacle, yet no one expected an 0-3 begin, consisting of a loss to FCS Jacksonville State, a team Florida State beat 41-24 last year. Eexceptionally week considering that, it seems as if the Seminoles hit a new rock bottom. Is rock bottom losing to an FCS team for the initially time in institution background, or adhering to it through the worst start since 1976 in a blowout loss to Wake Forest?

What has made it tougher to comprehend is the method Florida State has played and also lost. Too many type of penalties. Too many missed assignments. Too many type of blvery own covereras. No playmakers on offense. No stability at quarterback. Below-average play on the offensive line, exacerbated with injuries that have actually forced the Seminoles to play 3 various founding lineups in 3 games. It all goes back to the very same concerns that have actually plagued 3 directly coaching staffs.

Jimbo Fisher had actually a hard time addressing those problems in his final seakid. So did Fisher"s follower, Willie Taggart. Now it is approximately Mike Norvell to figure it out, and also the clock is running.

"There"s nobody that expects more than I suppose," Norvell told slrfc.org on Tuesday. "Nobody wants to be 0-3. But it"s my job to collection the foundation of this routine so we will not have to suffer this aacquire. We need to learn the lessons currently. As we gain success and construct upon the positives, that"s as soon as our routine is going to take that step, however I"m not going to seek a shortreduced in the process and reduced the standards in any kind of method because we have to carry out this appropriate."

Administrators have been preaching patience given that Norvell arrived in December 2019, knowledge he inherited a mess of a situation that was going to take some time to turn approximately. Multiple sources indicated that stays the instance despite the 0-3 start. Plus, Florida State is presently not in a financial situation to pay one more hefty buyout, after giving Willie Taggart $20 million to leave after simply 21 games. Tright here is likewise the sense this seaboy need to be thought about Year 1, because of the pandemic"s impact on last seakid.

Coach Mike Norvell and also the Florida State Seminoles hold Louisville this Saturday.Brian Bishop/Icon SportswireStill, Florida State did go 3-6 in 2020 and also struggbrought about fight through adversity once points went wrong in games. Norvell has made this just one of his biggest priorities. Florida State confirmed glimpses in overtime versus Notre Dame and also last season"s upset win against North Carolina, but the effort, intensity and also focus is repeatedly absent every week.

"We are not a finimelted product," Norvell shelp. "We"ve got to demand that consistency from our players. It confirmed up in the first game, men responding the ideal method. The last couple of weeks, we"ve let circumstances distract us in moments of what we required to perform and that"s something that we have to thrive with and also gain corrected. But it"s somepoint that doesn"t necessarily occur overnight, and also we"re continuing to job-related on that."

Asked to pinsuggest why tright here has been a absence of consistency, Norvell said, "There"s times that you see points present up on film that we are not seeing in exercise and through all the ideal intentions, in the moment, men feel favor they have to do something various, whether it"s make a play or to try to perform somepoint for a an additional outcome.

"It"s price us at times and that"s where, as soon as males check out it on film, they do not have actually much of an answer in the why. And that"s where we need to proceed to attempt to produce that game-prefer intensity in the time of practice, so that you construct your very own self-confidence and the things that they"re being asked to do, and exactly how they have the right to use that in the moment."

Tbelow have actually been concerns around this season"s playcalling on offense and also defense. Even Jacksonville State coaches questioned the method the Seminoles lined up on the game"s last two plays, including the winning score. Florida State had actually six turnovers against Wake Foremainder, salso penalties and also just one third-dvery own conversion. Earlier this week, offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham said the Seminoles were surprised at the various protective alignment the Demon Deacons supplied and also did not carry out a good project responding or blocking Wake Forest up front.

But Norvell reiterated he believes in his current staff and also lineup.

"You constantly evaluate all facets of the program. We"re functioning to make certain that the results that we watch on the area are to the conventional of how we want to run," Norvell said. "We"re going to continue to work as coaches and players to make sure that we"re doing every one of our component to aid Florida State gain back to where it requirements to be."

Part of the solution can be recruiting. Florida State currently has actually the No. 8 class for 2022, including a commitment from optimal quarterago prospect A.J. Duffy and cornerago Travis Hunter, the No. 3 as a whole player in the slrfc.org 300. Both have actually affirmed their commitment to Florida State in recent days.

Tright here also is the belief a fourth coach over a six-year span will only set the regimen ago further and thrconsumed to break apart the class of commitments. So, unless somepoint drastic alters between now and then, Norvell proceeds to have the assistance to get the job done.

"I"m not just a coach that"s trying to inspire once it"s easy," Norvell sassist. "My job is to build and, work with the procedure of faientice sometimes. We"ve knowledgeable faiattract in games, we"ve knowledgeable hard moments. But it"s not deterring from what the ultimate objective is, and that"s for the innovation of this regimen.

"That"s what we"re going to fight for."


Miami QB D"Eriq King is questionable for this weekend"s game against Central Connectireduced through a shoulder injury.Samuel Lewis/Icon SportswireMiami is in a a lot various situation than the Seminoles. The Hurricanes are in Year 3 under Diaz and went back a veteran team after going 8-3 in 2020. Though they opened up the season versus Alabama, it seemed reasonable to think the trajectory of the program was headed upward with the return of quarterearlier D"Eriq King and also 18 other starters.

Diaz also made transforms to his defensive staff in the offseachild, including taking over as defensive coordinator, the job he hosted at Miami from 2016 to "18 under previous head coach Mark Richt.

Opening versus Alabama is never a straightforward task, yet Miami looked out of it from the start, trailing 27-3 at halftime before shedding 44-13. In the next game versus Appalachian State at house, Miami required a fourth-quarter comeearlier to win. Diaz admitted tright here was a hangover effect from the loss to Alabama that influenced players more than he anticipated. By the finish of Miami"s loss to Michigan State, the fan base remained in complete meltdown mode.

Diaz acknowledges the team has actually not played up to its potential.

"We"re at a suggest currently where we"ve obtained to have the ability to reemphasis our seachild, reemphasis our purposes, be hocolony with ourselves, organize ourselves accountable for the things that we"ve not done well and also relocate on together," Diaz told slrfc.org on Tuesday.

Last seakid, King attracted widespreview praise for helping unite the locker room and also improve the program"s previous concerns at quarterearlier. Regardless of his rerevolve, along with leading rusher Cam"Ron Harris and leading receiver Mike Harley, the offense has actually faibrought about geneprice any rhythm. Miami has turned the banywhere salso times in 3 games, a year after having actually 12 full turnovers. Explosive plays proceed to be lacking from the offense, as Miami ranks No. 12 in passing yards per attempt.

"We had actually a chance to take a double-digit lead midmethod with the initially half in both these house games, wbelow you really feel like you"re relocating the ball and sort of in manage of the game and also started really rapid on defense," Diaz sassist. "And then, for whatever factor, we make a mistake, and also that does show up to be affecting our confidence. Then we don"t seem to be the exact same outfit the rest of the method."

Diaz sassist the Hurricanes need to play via even more physicality, on offense and also defense. But as soon as your ideal players are the ones making important mistakes, it is even tougher to swpermit. Diaz sassist whatever would be reevaluated, and the job-related started at practice Tuesday, when the players did drills they frequently do during spring practice and also "ratcheted up the physicality."

Bottom line: Miami should be better than this.

At 1-2, the Hurricanes haven"t also opened up ACC play yet, which is why no one inside the athletic department is prepared to make any judgments around Diaz and also his future just yet. Athletic director Blake James, that declined comment, is frequently systematic in his technique.

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But what has actually taken place so far certainly has actually everyone"s attention, consisting of the school"s board of trustees. Miami officials and also coaches understand searing criticism comes with the task, acknowledging they have actually a fan base unafrhelp to voice their displeacertain when the losses mount. Any player on social media has actually been bombarded with negativity over the past three weeks.

"I"m able to insulate myself from that because I do not check out these forms of points in the time of the course of the seaboy, but I"m not stupid," Diaz sassist. "I coach at the University of Miami. I understand also the heritage and also the pride of this place. I understand also the typical."

Asked whether he was worried about his job protection, Diaz said, "Worry solves nopoint. You do not come in Sunday and begin to worry. You come in Sunday and say, "OK, right here are the four things that we"ve obtained to obtain this team operating much better in these instances." The occupational allows you to not also worry about anypoint bereason the work is actual."