A MOD-N respond to is additionally dubbed a divide by N respond to as the input frequency is separated by the variety of claims of the counter.

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For a respond to via ‘n’ flip flops:

The total variety of states = 2n (0 to 2n – 1)The biggest number that can be stored in the respond to = 2n – 1


To construct a counter with any kind of MOD number, the minimum number flip flops required must satisfy:

Modulus ≤ 2n

Where n is the variety of flip-flops and also is the minimum worth satisfying the over problem.


We are forced to construct a respond to which divides the input frequency by 40, i.e. we call for a MOD-40 counter.

Number no. of flip – flops are compelled to construct mod-40 counter, have to satisfy:

2n ≥ 40

The minimum worth of n satisfying the above is:

n = 6 bits

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