First of all we need to pay attention that the word “drop” does not refer to any kind of measurement Unit. Because of this, and also because of the water cycle, the amount of water in the seas is not constantly the same. Rivers are constantly flowing into the sea and also tbelow is a constant evaporation. Even so, from a mathematical allude of watch, we carry out not aim at obtaining an exact answer to this question. Our aim is to gain an acceptable approach. The a lot of necessary suggest of these questions is leading the pupil to reflect and also think about an approach to the trouble as well as trying to reach a close answer through a mathematical reasoning. Asking exactly how many type of drops there are in the sea is the very same of asking just how many kind of sand grains tbelow are on the beaches. Or else: just how many type of leaves are tbelow in trees? How many kind of world can play the piano approximately the world? How many type of tennis balls have the right to I put in my classroom? No issue what the case is, the aim is always the same: motivating pupils to think.


But, after all, is tbelow any type of means of understanding the answers?

Yes, there is. To begin with, we have the right to admit that a water drop synchronizes to 0.05ml. It is the exact same of saying that 1 litre of water consists of very closely to 20,000 drops. At the minute we are faced through another problem: exactly how many kind of litres of water are tright here in the ocean? The complying with logical action would be helpful to calculate the sea volume. It is not easy because the depth is not always the same and also besides that the sea shores are very ircontinuous. We deserve to try a method by looking the Google that will enables us to uncover that the estimate for the oceans volume is around 1335 numerous cubic kilometres, having in mind that 70% of our Planet’s surface is water. To understand exactly how many type of litres tright here are we will use an equivalence which we are taught throughout the Main school: `1 liter = 1 dm^3`. After some mathematical calculations, we arrive to the conclusion that seas are formed by `2.67xx10^25` drops, which coincides to the number 267 complied with by 23 zeros!

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