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Since many civilization obtained stuck in quarantine over the last year a perfect possibility has actually emerged for an excellent movie marathon. If you choose Harry Potter you might have actually taken into consideration rewatching the series, yet how long would it actually require to watch the entire Harry Potter series and also could you perform it in one day?

The whole franchise clocks in at 1,178 minutes of movie footage, give or take depending on which versions on the initially and the second movie you choose. This totals at about 20 hrs which means that if you really wanted to you could probably finish de series in a day.

This topic is exceptionally exciting as soon as it comes to the Harry Potter franchise given that the fans recognize there is most extra footage that wasn’t released. If you want to learn even more around the run time of one of the most popular movie franchises of this time keep reading.

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How long does it take to watch all Harry Potter movies?
Harry Potter and also the Philosopher’s Stones
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
The rest of the Harry Potter series

How lengthy does it require to watch all Harry Potter movies?


The second movie has a little bigger difference in between the theatrical and extfinished versions. The difference provides approximately 13 minutes of added footage, yet, this time tright here is more extra content.

The initially enhancement exhas a tendency the scene where Dobby initially visits Harry’s house and also reasons trouble with Dursley’s guests. We deserve to watch Dobby for a longer amount of time and also we can hear Petunia’s attempt at easing the tension.

The second scene takes area in a shop where Harry lands by accident wright here we have the right to check out Draco and his father in the extfinished variation. The extended version likewise attributes a scene wright here Harry and also Ron nearly hit a structure on their means to Hogwarts.

Other extra footage gives a brief scene through personalities such as Mr. Filch, Professor Lockhart, and Justin Finch-Fletley. We likewise watch a little bit even more of the trio’s search to uncover the keys behind all the strange occasions ensuing at Hogwarts during the year.

The scene with Mr. Filch touches upon his squib nature, a fairly massive component of his character in the book which movies left out and fans wanted to check out even more of.

One of the funniest scenes left out of the theatrical variation is the students taking a quiz on Professor Lockhart’s personal life with Hermione being the just one who aced the quiz.

We additionally get some extra Quidditch scenes and also Snape and Lockhart dueling in a longer version than it is in the theatrical variation.

The extfinished version also reflects the viewers more of Harry’s doubts about his origin and connection with Salazar Slytherin and also the addition of how the various other students react as soon as the word spreads out that Harry can be the factor for every one of the mayhem happening that year.

The rest of the Harry Potter series

The continuing to be movies from the series actually don’t have extended versions, at leastern not officially. The extended versions of the first 2 movies were released through the Wizarding Collection, but tright here were no extended versions of the remainder of the franchise.

However before, there is a bunch of deleted scenes from the theatrical versions that were a topic of conversation among fans for many type of years. Most of these scenes according to fans would have actually made the movies a lot much better, especially once it involves the last movie.

Tbelow are many kind of different scenes fans desire to watch released in the extended versions but tright here is a little number that gets pointed out any kind of time the extfinished versions are pointed out.

The initially one and also perhaps the best-known one is Draco ultimately switching sides in the last move. Allegedly, the extended versions would certainly function Draco running throughout the Hogwarts yard once Harry reveals himself as alive and also throws him his very own wand.

A lot of fans wanted to see this scene featured given that it serves as a great clocertain to Draco’s are over the course of the series and make the epilogue of the story make more sense.

Anvarious other fan-favorite among the deleted scenes is the one from the last movie where Harry states goodbye to his cousin and also his parental fees before they relocate away from their house.

It brings a lot of eactivity to the personalities we typically view as mean loved ones that were taking care of Harry. In just a couple of secs of content, we watch Dudley expressing his compassion for Harry as soon as he states he never before thought Harry was a waste of room, and aunt Petunia shows as that she actually cares in a scene where she reminds Harry that she lost a sister the night he shed his mother.

It is rather unclear while every one of these extended versions were never released given that fans seem to universally agree that those few minutes of added footage per movie that acquired leaked over the years would have actually made the movies even better than they currently were.

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Although it first seemed those versions can be released in the time of celebrations of some vital anniversary, we made it to 2021 when the just one remaining anniversary which might be a good fit, the 10th anniversary of the Deathly Hallows component two release. Seeing this much time has passed and we got no information about the extfinished versions it appears unmost likely will certainly ever before get them.