Do you have a totally charged cell phone, some sturdy walking shoes and a really significant bottle of water? Great. You'll be residence in a mere issue of months, though exactly how long it takes to walk around the people will depend on a couple of determinants...

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In which direction are you walking approximately the world?

The Planet is not a perfect sphere; it's not precisely equal in all directions. If you measure approximately the planet's 'waist', alengthy the equator, then its circumference is 24,901.461 miles (40,075.017 km). But its vertical circumference (if the measuring tape crossed the North Pole and South Pole) is 24,817.971 miles (39,940.653 km). So it's ever before so slightly larger than it is tall, meaning that if you're in a little of a rush*, you must setup your course to pass via the poles. (You'd likewise acquire to suffer a broader selection of temperatures on that journey, while a walk around the equator is going to need a lot of sunscreen.)

* Also, if you're in a bit of a rush, think about going by vehicle or aircraft, or simply not going at all.

As the average walking speed is around 3 miles per hour, here's just how long it would take you to get about the people — in theory!

Route 1: round the equator

24,901.461 miles at 3 mph 24,901.461 ÷ 3 = 8300.487 hrs Or, as there are 24 hrs in a day:8300.487 ÷ 24 = 345.85 days without stopping

Route 2: via the poles

24,817.971 miles at 3 mph 24,817.971 ÷ 3 = 8272.657 hours Or, as tbelow are 24 hours in a day: 8272.657 ÷ 24 = 344.69 days without stopping

Verdict? Go with the poles. That's a whole day shaved off your journey, and also a year of sunburn dodged!


One concern, of course, is that we're assuming you deserve to walk ideal throughout oceans, volcanoes and also ravines. If for some factor, those powers elude you, you'll must plan a route across land also. That's what Karl Bushby did...

The real deal

British adventurer Karl Bushby started his 'Goliath Expedition' on 1 November 1998. He plotted a course of a 36,000 mile unbroken line, traversing the height of North and South America and also the breadth of Russia and its neighbours.

Bushby was a realist: he didn't anticipate one year of walking without resting, eating or toilet breaks, favor in our calculations over. He didn't also assume he could save a fast pace, bereason (let's face it), achy legs and blisters were going to end up being his closest travel companions. In fact, he intfinished to walk approximately the civilization in eight years. This would have actually had him getting here residence in 2006.

Unfortunately, even the ideal lassist plans go awry, and also Bushby encountered plenty of obstacles and also stalls along the method. Thanks to a cocktail of floods, arrests, visa prohibitions, financial troubles and also a global pandemic in 2020, Bushby is yet to complete his journey. At the moment of composing, in October 2020, he's somewbelow near Iran.

So, just how lengthy does it really take to walk roughly the world? The answer seems to be 22 years and also counting...

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If you want to recognize just how many kind of steps it might require to walk the 24,818 miles around the civilization, check out our miles to procedures calculator.


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