This Smoked Pork Butt is packed via flavor and also oh so basic to prepare on your smoker! Perfect served as is, on a toasted bun or even in your favorite tacos! No sauce necessary to enjoy this savory smoked pulled pork!


When it pertains to summer grilling, why not try your hand also at smoking cigarettes a Pork Butt. Don’t panic. You’re not actually eating a pigs tush, it’s sindicate a renowned name to contact a pork shoulder. How a pork shoulder started to be called a Pork Butt is past me, however either way it’s a delicious reduced of meat that isn’t overly expensive and offers you some of the ideal pulled pork you’ll eat this summer!

This savory pork butt rub will certainly have actually your mouth watering and conveniently become a continual on your smoking cigarettes menu! Easy to whip up and also oh so tasty, you’ll be surprised at simply just how straightforward it is to redevelop this recipe at residence.

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What is a Pork Butt?

Contrary to it’s name, a Pork Butt isn’t actually the pigs rear end. In fact, it’s no where close to it’s tush. A Pork Butt, which is additionally called a bone in pork shoulder or Boston Butt Roast are actually all terms referring to the upper component of the shoulder.

It’s one of the the majority of muscular components of the pig, which is why sluggish cooking and also cigarette smoking are the finest approaches for food preparation this reduced of meat. Cooking it sluggish in a smoker enables for the meat to break down, tenderize and also create some of the the majority of mouthwatering pulled pork you’ll ever before eat.


What temperature to smoke a Pork Butt?

The temperature to prepare your smoked Pork Butt, will completely depfinish on you. I have actually some friends that prefer to prepare at miscellaneous temperatures, however I like to keep my smoker for a Pork Butt at 275*F.


How long perform you smoke a Pork Butt?

If you are cooking your Pork Butt at 275*F, you’ll want to estimate 1 hour per pound of meat. So for this recipe, I offered a 9 pound pork butt. That would certainly expect that I must arrangement to smoke my meat for 9 hrs.

Keep in mind that if you cook at a lower temperature favor 225*F you’d be looking at even more like 2 hrs per pound from start to complete. Don’t issue though. At 275*F via 1 hour per pound, you aren’t rushing the process and also will certainly obtain a savory, juicy pile of pulled pork at the end of your journey!

Pro Tip: Start food preparation your meat via it at room temperature. This helps through the prepare time and also as a whole flavor!

What wood perform you must smoke a Pork Butt?

I discover the ideal timber to use via this smoke pork butt rub is numerous sticks of Hickory wood, which adds a sweet and savory taste to your pork shoulder.


Tips & Tricks for smoking cigarettes the perfect Pork Butt:

You’ll want to look for great marbling in the Pork Butt. Similar to you would certainly want in an excellent piece of beef, that marbling will certainly add flavor and also develop nice and also juicy pulled pork.Try to discover a fresh cut, not one that’s a number of days old. Ideally your cut shouldn’t have an odor and should be nice and also pink.If possible, buy a bone in shoulder. Not just does this aid the meat hold it’s shape, but you’ll have the ability to tell as soon as it’s all set by exactly how conveniently it falls off the bone.Trim off your fat cap. This is the thick fat layer that would have been close to the skin. Your goal is to trim it nice and close to the meat without actually cutting into the meat. Though fat does include flavor and juices to the cooked meat, the fat cap is just too huge and also isn’t something anyone likes to eat. I uncover it better to reduced this off so that you have the right to gain a nice yummy coating on the whole meat that can be appreciated once pulled.A prompt read digital thermometer is an amazing tool to use if you have one and also will assist you gage your interior meat temperature to acquire it simply perfect.


Smoked Pork Butt Rub:

If you want to obtain the best flavor from your smoked Pork Butt, you’ll should begin with an excellent rub. This one is kid apshowed and also isn’t spicy. It’s sindicate a method to lug out the spices of the meat and also goes good through any kind of sauce or toppings you wish to add to your pulled pork. The nice point about this Smoked Pork Butt Rub is that tbelow aren’t any type of sugars, making this a savory rub fairly than a sweet one.

Sea Salt – This ssuggest helps lug out the herbal spices of the pork.Black Pepper – Adding a kick and also nice coating to your pork implies you wont need to pepper it once it’s done.Paprika – One of my favorite go to ingredients to include a kick of flavor without overwhelming the taste buds.Onion Powder – Chopped onions don’t job-related well once smoking so onion powder will certainly help add flavor without chunks.Garlic Powder – Garlic is a need to without being too effective.


How to Smoke a Pork Butt:

Tright here are 6 Steps to the perfect Smoked Pork Butt.

Smoke it – Once you get your smoker started and also up to temperature, you’ll want to start it on it’s initially smoke session of 4 1/2 hrs.Spritz it – After the initially 2 hours of smoking, you’ll desire to begin spritzing your pork shoulder via apple cider. This will not only add flavor however aid your pork butt from drying out and also ending up being challenging. This is a action you do not want to skip. You’ll be spritzing the pork have to eincredibly 30 minutes for 2 1/2 hours (a full of 6 times).Wrap it – After your pork butt roast has smoked for 4 1/2 hours, it’s time to wrap it up in foil and also really let it cook down.Smoke it again – Now wrapped in foil, you’ll smoke your pork shoulder for a second 4 hrs. No need to spritz as the foil will certainly defend it from drying out. Your shoulder will reach an interior temperature of 145*F in a fairly quick time. However the moment it takes to obtain from 145*F to 165*F will seem to take forever. Don’t panic. This is 100% normal. In reality, you don’t desire to rush this part. It’s this lengthy slow-moving duration wbelow all the interior fat is cooking dvery own and also creating a tender cut of meat.Rest – After your second smoke session, and your pork butt should reached 200*F – 210*F inner temperature, it’s time to remove your shoulder from the smoker. Now it’s time to let it rest! You’ll want to leave your meat alone till the internal temperature reaches 195*F – 205*F.

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Pull – Once your pork has actually cooled down a little bit on the inside it’s time to pull and devour!


Items Needed to smoke a Pork Butt:

Chimney Starter – if you’re really going to smoke the meat, don’t usage lighter liquid, which leaves a flavor on your meat, but use a chimney starter.Food grade spray bottleTin FoilNewspaper6 – 8 Hickory Wood SplitsCharcoal Briquettes9×9 metal baking pan.


If you love pulled pork and desire to understand make your own smoked pork butt, then this is the recipe for you! No brown sugar or sweet ingredients here, just a ssuggest savory dish that goes good in Leftover Pulled Pork Pasta, Pork Flautas, and also Pulled Pork Quesailla!

A household favorite recipe that will taste good and also make you feel prefer a understand smoker!

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This Smoked Pork Butt recipe is packed through flavor and perfect fresh out of the smoker or served up as leftovers the following day. Tender, juicy and oh so tasty, this household friendly and also kid approved recipe is a winner!