HOW LONG SHOULD I LEAVE SANIDERM ON MY TATTOO?Everyone reacts in a different way to the healing procedure. In general you should leave the first piece of Saniderm on your tatas well for 24 hours after your artist applies it. The length of time will depend on exactly how much fluid your tatalso weeps which can affect the adhesion of Saniderm. If you notice extreme weeping of fluid under Saniderm, change Saniderm dressing according to instructions. Many kind of civilization select to usage the first item of Saniderm for 24 hour and additional pieces of Saniderm for 2 to 3 added days.

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HOW MANY PIECES OF SANIDERM SHOULD I USE?I recommend using 2 consecutive pieces of Saniderm in order to permit your tatas well ample time to heal. Your first piece might be provided for 24 hours. The following piece need to be used 2-3 days . ( I sell extra pieces of Saniderm for 5 dollars) If you wish, you might continue making use of additional pieces of Saniderm if you feel your tattoo needs more time to heal. If you select to only wear ONE piece of Saniderm follow these simple steps.1. Remove the bandage 24 hrs after obtaining tattooed and also wash tatalso thoaround through antibacterial soap ( Dial )2 let the tatalso dry out for the remainder of day 2 ( no lotions or creams)3. Day 3 , Once a day use a SMALL AMOUNT of white, fragrance cost-free hand lotion or Palmers brand Cocoa Butter to your brand-new tatalso. DO NOT OVER MOISTURIZE.

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4. Continue applying lotion to your tatalso once a day till the tatalso looks and also feels choose normal skin aobtain. 5. Enjoy your new Tattoo!

If you Choose to Wear 2 Pieces of Saniderm

1. Rerelocate the bandage 24 hours after obtaining tattooed and also wash tattoo thoabout via antibacterial soap ( Dial ) 2. Allow tattoo to dry 5 or 10 minutes and also then use the second piece of Saniderm,this second piece you can wear for 2-3 days. 3. Remove Saniderm, wash via Dial hand also shop and moisturize when a day via a white fragrance totally free hand also lotion ( Lubriderm) or Coca Butter4. More Pieces might be worn if tattoo still requirements time to heal. HOW DO YOU REMOVE SANIDERM? The finest means to rerelocate Saniderm is to find an edge of the bandage, and then to pull it back over itself in the direction of hair growth. Pulling upward on the Saniderm deserve to be painful, so we don’t recommend it. In some rare instances, world deserve to “stick” to the Saniderm bandage better than others, which have the right to make it even more difficult than normal to remove. In cases favor this, attempt removing the Saniderm in a warm shower. The warmth will loosen the adhesive, and make it less complicated to remove. HOW TO REAPPLY SANIDERMSTEP 1 Wash your tattoo via DIAL hand also soap making use of your clean hands only. Wash thoroughly to remove all lymph and also plasma. Pat dry the tattoo and also neighboring skin (use a clean disposable paper towel) (lotions or ointments are not necessary). Allow tattoo to air dry for 10 minutes.STEP 2 With clean hands and also in a clean area. Peel off the paper backing to reveal the adhesive side.STEP 3 Gently apply the bandage to the facility of tattoo and also using light press use outward to edges of tatalso. For ideal outcomes, ensure that the skin is in a neutral and herbal position. Apply bandage flat to the skin to protect against air bubbles.STEP 4 Slowly remove the plastic backing, leaving only Saniderm on the skin.If your tatalso is dry and itchy when you take off your last item of Saniderm you might use a moisturizer for relief. You may usage coca butter or white fragrance cost-free hand lotion. Avoid utilizing medicated assets such as A&D, Neosporin and Vaseline If you have actually any kind of inquiries or involves please contactLunchboxNewLife Tattoos 404 E Green St Champaign, IL 61820(217) 367-5320