This is a guide on exactly how long it takes to end up Fire Emblem: Three Hoprovides (FE3H)! Whether you only want to finish the story, complete the story and also side pursuits, or finish each path and 100% the game, this overview offer you an approximate on just how a lot each one will take.

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How Long Does It Take to Beat the Story?

FE3H Routes

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you obtain to pick leading one of the titular Three Houses: the Black Eagles, the Blue Lions, and the Golden Deer. Each of them have an extremely equivalent plot in the initially fifty percent of the game, but many of them differ substantially from each other in the second part. Completing among these courses constitutes beating the game.

Without spoiling anypoint, tbelow are four feasible routes in the game. The paths are provided listed below.

Azure Moon - Blue Lions Verdant Wind - Golden Deers Silver Snow - Church of Seiros Crimboy Flower - Black Eagles

How Long Does One Route Take To Finish?

The size of time it takes to finish a route counts on the challenge.

Normal Difficulty

One route takes 30-35 hrs to finish, if you use eextremely weekfinish to either explore or battle. This will take slightly much longer if you grind the endmuch less battles and professor level with fishing. It be much shorter however if you usage the seminars and rest often in lieu of time consuming expedition or battles. If you finish several side searches and grind, this number could be closer to 65 hrs.

Hard Difficulty

One course takes 35-40 hrs to end up, if you use every weekend to either discover or fight. There are no endmuch less battles to grind, yet you have the right to still grind Professor Levels by fishing. This still takes a bit much longer as battles are harder, so you need to be even more thoughtful, cautious and also you"re more prone to rebeginning goals.If you complete numerous side searches and also grind, this number could be closer to 65 hours.

How Long Does It Take to 100% FE3H?

The totality game will certainly last you roughly 120 hours if you play all paths in one obstacle. The bonsupplies got from New Video Game Plus get rid of most the grindy elements of the initially run with, severely reducing the time each route takes.

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Is It Worth Replaying?

Yes. Each route tells a different story and explores different facets about the civilization and also the characters. Each are worth suffering so you acquire the full story of what is happening, and also you can view the relations in between the different paths.

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