Title. No should upvote, just trying to start some discussion. I’m thinking of buying the game but I was wondering just how a lot content is obtainable at its current state. How many kind of hours have you men regulated to put right into it so far? Any feedago is welcome :) give thanks to you!


I have actually around 10 hrs right into it. I've been doing a tiny bit of everything ( Campaign, prepper stash, ect.). I'm more than likely only prefer 25% done through the game however I don't fast take a trip.

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Its weird I never before really fast travel or usage a car or airplane. I simply run everwhere....why? I dont recognize. Every other game I love rapid take a trip.

Lmao. That sounds promising though. I’m just worried about the 60 dollar price tag. I’m a vast borderlands fan and I love RPGs and Far Cry 5 looks realistic and also really fun. I favored the Division too and also I’m stoked to hear around the second one (hopetotally it’s improved).

How is the weapon variety? That’s constantly necessary for me

I'm roughly 34 hrs in. 100% the initially zone. Finiburned the story for the second one but I gotta clear out the remainder of the side missions. Haven't touched the third zone. Though I've most likely invested 5 hrs in Co-op so much. I rapid travel everytime I can though and usage a lot of helicopter take a trip.

The best complaint is weapon variety. Mostly because of similar stats. Like the skorpion, Mac 10, and also the TEC for instance have all practically the same stats external if possible recoil patterns. The amount of distinctive weapons would place it between Far Cry 3 and also Far Cry 4. Guns have actually realistic ballistics currently though. So various bullet velocity/drop and such that you should compensate for.

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I think based on my existing progression, the majority of of johns and also a little of faiths areas, it will most likely take me roughly 60 hours or so to finish. I am additionally taking my time, trying to discover as much as i deserve to. Im taking my time going through the story, as im mostly focusing on side goals and also whatever before i take place to come across as i wonder through the map. I phelp complete price for it, typically wait for most games to come dvery own in price, but tright here is so a lot content and a differed amount of it, that i dont mind the price at all.

Honestly it’s as long as you desire it. I love to fuck roughly and also it typically takes me 20 mins to actually gain somewright here crucial, unless I uncover a airplane or heli


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