So I looked at DOS2 on and it sassist the avrage time to beat is 52 hours or the primary story and also 92 for primary + extra. That appears kinda short compared to my playthroughs specifically the simply major story time, I'm I simply slow at beating this game? How long did it take for you men to beat it?



Difficulty and exactly how many type of civilization playing is huge difference,

My experience, more human being playing the harder it is and takes method longer, since you have to wait for them to take their transforms instead of just being able to go right amethod.

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The game seems long bereason most the side goals are seamlessly presented along the primary story, and are a good way to level up.

But really tbelow is a lot you have the right to neglect to relocate the main plot, especially if you have some wacky develop choose a heavy chest/deathfog user. It is super quick to sneak out of Ft Joy's sewage system, rush to Alexander, gain 3 resource points from the masters, take the backdoor into the academy, hire a minion to pass the Path of Blood, and tell both Dallis and also Adramahlihk to kill the last bosses.

If you rush it and either have actually some significant cheese develop or you simply make yourself level 20 from the get-go making use of a mod or somepoint, you have the right to beat the game in a pair of hrs.

Escape Pleasure > Purge Wand from Radeka > Purge Shriekers > Kill Alexandar > Get 2 Source points(the fastest two imo are Jahan and also Advocate's points, you deserve to perform them at the exact same time) > Do the routine twice > Go to Namemuch less > acquire in the earlier door(need activity skills) > complete arena of the one > Go to Arx > Hire a dude to beat course of blood > finish the game

My first playwith was in the 50-80 hour array, I don't remember precisely. My second was around 20, and also they acquired a lot quicker from tright here.

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50-100 hrs for an initial playthrough appears around what I'd intend from someone that plays a lot of RPGs and also reads reasonably quickly, depending on just how a lot extra lore you check out and also just how strong you are via combat.

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