This is a question that popped right into my head after a session last night (initially time playing Cevery one of Cthulhu in over a year; excellent fun as always) that started and finished, extending a whole scenario, in approximately 3 hours. The previous couple of times I've played Call of Cthulhu, a speedy run via is often the instance. It isn't because the players are rushing through it all (though occasionally they miss particular leads). It's simply that we seem to go with it reasonably conveniently.

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(P.S. The scenario was Missed Dues from the Keeper's Screen, if you're curious).


That depends a lot, however when I'm Keeper commonly scenarios designated as one-shots are done in 3-5 hrs, four mostly.

I'm running dead lights and also it's currently gone over 5 hrs (2 sessions worth). I had no idea it'd be this lengthy, yet my players love to rp and execute strange points haha. I assume we'll complete it up following session with one more hour of playtime before moving on to the following one.

I generally run Missed Dues in a solitary session.

I tend to run in a restricted time slot (from convention play) - so maintaining an excellent pace is what I tend to do. Also, no game is ever before hurt by maintaining an excellent pace. Speeding via isn't recommended, however excellent pacing keeps points focused.

The ones I've ran, I've capped out at 2 sessions max. I try to store it to one wherever feasible. Players (especially ones that don't keep notes) tend to foracquire the majority of what occurred from one week to the following. It really all depends on just how well the group clicks. Sometimes they're on the ball and also asking the best concerns, or making good rolls to find the ideas. Other times they're just sitting there illustration blanks and failing rolls miserably. If they're doing the latter, I'll generally speak to for Idea rolls from who I think can come up with something. One of my Computers has actually an INT of 85, so she's rather good for that kind of point.

Months or years, playing when a week for 3-4 hours each time.

I create sandbox cities and regions that have actually most stuff going on. The players have the right to go any direction they choose and also discover somepoint. Rather than "adventures" per se, I treat it prefer a living people wright here points constantly readjust.

This relies heavily on the scenario/project. I generally assume a campaign of my own making lasts around a single college semester of weekly sessions. One-shots last one night, and also some have the right to last two nights or so depfinishing. Masks of Nyarlathotep is hands dvery own the longest campaign I've run so far; we began in January of this year and also we've gotten with NYC, London, Cairo, and also Shanghai. We're just around halfmeans through Australia, with Kenya still to go.

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