We’ve found some fabulous ways to score complimentary shipping at Ulta so you have the right to gain all the beauty goodies your heart desires.

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by Lisa DavisJuly 01, 2021

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To say we’re beauty product devotees would be a colossal understatement. From the sweet smells of perfume to the bright hues of eyeshadows and polish, we absolutely love cosmetics. And no save is much better than Ulta for getting that makeup solve. But once we find a beauty product at Ulta that we ssuggest can’t live without, having to pay for shipping really bursts our proverbial bubble.

So, we dug roughly at Ulta.com to situate all the ways to save on shipping expenses and still obtain our commodities fairly conveniently while remaining anxiety free. Here are the tips to getting Ulta’s totally free shipping on your next virtual purchase:

1. Use Ulta’s in-keep pickas much as skip shipping costs

We were super excited once Ulta began offering beauty lovers the alternative to buy online and pick up in save (BOPIS). Get your items faster — examine. Save on shipping costs — inspect. In 2019, Ulta available shoppers the convenience of totally free in-keep pickup for virtual orders. And it’s accessible to everyone for free, via no product exclusions and also absolutely no minimum purchase required.

Here’s exactly how to usage Ulta’s complimentary in-save pickup:

Shop virtual at Ulta.com or via the Ulta application.Apply your ZIP code to uncover out if an object is available surrounding on the product web page. If it is, add the item to your shopping cart.At checkout, you’ll have actually the option to ship or pick up your order it at the closest Ulta store. Select the “Pickup” option.You’ll obtain an email or text message through step-by-step instructions confirming your order is ready. Once you receive this, you have the right to head to the save. Print the email confirmation to take through you, along with your ID.When you acquire to the store, simply walk in and discover the pickup respond to (usually at the register).

Note: Check your store’s security procedures prior to you head to your closest Ulta place.

2. Use Ulta’s curbside pickapproximately skip shipping costs

In 2020, Ulta added its Beauty To Go curbside pickapproximately help customers get their beauty commodities while staying safe amid the pandemic and conserve on the price of shipping.

Here’s how to use Ulta’s cost-free curbside pickup:

Shop digital at Ulta.com or with the Ulta app.Apply your ZIP code to uncover out if an item is easily accessible surrounding on the product web page. If it is, include the item to your shopping cart.At checkout, you’ll have actually the option to either ship the order or pick it up at the closest Ulta save. Select the “Pickup” option.You’ll obtain an email or message message with step-by-step instructions confirming your order is ready. Once you get this, you have the right to head to the save. Print the email confirmation to take via you, along with your ID.Drive up and also park near the front of the keep and click, “I’m Here,” in your text or email. Note: Select stores have actually parking spots.Unlock your backseat door or pop your trunk and also an associate will certainly lug your order out.

Check with your neighborhood Ulta keep to make certain they’re open up and also market curbside pickup.

Note: Curbside-purchased items cannot be changed in stores. If you need to return an order that you picked up utilizing the curbside alternative, you’ll have to mail it back to Ulta.

3. Check inventory at various other Ulta locations to stop shipping costs

If the item you desire isn’t available at your usual Ulta location, examine the inventory at various other locations. Maybe your mom stays closer to a store that has that one product you’ve been looking for high and low. Or your best friend resides on the other side of town near an Ulta store through the product in stock. You deserve to use the BOPIS or curbside option while also popping in to see your bestie or have actually a long overdue visit with mother. You make mother happy and you have actually your product instantly.

Can someone various other than me pick up my order?

Yes. In instances wright here getting to another Ulta place is complex, your loyal mother or trusty finest frifinish can pick your order up. When exploring, simply add an alternative pickup perkid, including their email address. They’ll need the email confirmation when they arrive at the keep.

4. Get out-of-stock items shipped for free

The upside of shopping in perboy at an Ulta keep is you deserve to get your products automatically and protect against costly shipping fees. The downside is that you don’t recognize what their inventory looks favor before arriving. You can end up having items shipped to you anyway after going to the store and also finding out they don’t have actually your products in stock. It’s pretty annoying and also frustrating. But Ulta has a remedy for that. If your neighborhood save is out of a product, they’ll ship it to you for cost-free. You can need to wait much longer than if it had remained in stock, yet you receive totally free shipping. Win-win.

Does Ulta market free shipping to stores?

Nope. Instead, they will certainly ship items directly to you so you can prevent a trip to the store and also receive totally free shipping on items that aren’t in stock.

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5. Sign up for an Ultamate Rewards membership

The Ultamate Rewards regime is cost-free to join and rewards you for spending money on the beauty commodities you’d be buying anyway. You’ll earn points per dollar, depending on your rewards’ tier. Being an Ultamate Rewards member will gain you deals curated to your beauty taste.