When paint someone"s nails, you have to be steady-handed, laser-concentrated, and sociable—all at the same time. It sounds favor a tough gig, yet according to Barb Shea, a nail artist atTeam Blondeoutside Chicback, it"s simple if you have excellent clients. We chatted with Barb about what makes an awesomemani-pedicustomer, and also she helped us put together this handy overview tonail salonetiquette.

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What"s conventional nail salon tipping etiquette?

For a manicure or a pedicure or any kind of nail service, you must tip what you would at a restaurant:20%is an indicator of great service. "Sometimes we also acquire 25% tips," Barb shelp.

So altogether, how much does it cost to get your nails done? On average, an easy manicure will cost you about $25, which contains a typical tip. Acrylics, gels, and also dips array from about $25 to $50 in price, through tips of $5-$10.

And simply just how often must you get your nails done? Expect to go weekly to keep a simple mani, eincredibly 2 weeks for a gel, and also every three weeks for a dip or arylics.

Getting more than one service? Check out our completeguide to tipping at the salon and also spa.

Is it rude to present up through old polish on your nails?

Nope!"We do not mind," Barb said. In fact, showing up with polish is pretty much a necessity if you formerly gained a no-chip.

"Don"t pick off yourno-chip!" Barb sassist. "People say, "I desire my polish off because my nails need to breathe." The actual nail is dead cells. It can not breathe!"

So there you have it. When in doubt, just leave that old shade on tright here.

To avoid polish chips in between appointments, learnexactly how to make a manicure last longer.

Should I shave my legs prior to a pedicure?

Nail artists and also massage therapists agree: a tiny leg fuzz is no substantial deal. "Frankly, we do not even alert. It doesn"t bvarious other us."


Should I trim my nails before a mani-pedi?

"If you"re doing a pedicure, then no, do not trim them," Barb shelp. The reason? "The majority of world do not understand how to trim their toenails. ... prefer to trim the sides, and they clip also far in. When the nail comes earlier in, it"ll be an ingrown. You should trim them right across, not rounded."

For hands, though, Barb sassist it does not matter—trim or don"t trim to your liking.

Is it rude if I read the totality time or fall asleep?

According to Barb, analysis is fine, and also falling asleep is a compliment—occasionally that"s also her goal. "I doreflexology... I hit the main nerve that relaxes you, more than most likely you"ll loss asleep."

However before, understand that you may not obtain a lengthy nap in. Just just how lengthy does it take to acquire your nails done? A basic manicure takes around 30 minutes (more facility acrylics and dips are closer to 45–60 minutes.)

What if I"m incurably ticklish?

You can tell your nail technician that you"re ticklish, yet Barb shelp that it"s rarely a trouble. However, if you"re truly, uncontrollably giggly, nail artists have actually an ace up their sleeves.

"There"s a part in your foot that nail technicians are trained to pinpoint ... that can prevent you from being ticklish. If you"re looking at the bottom of your foot and you grab your pinkie and also your massive toe and also flex them inward, it"s wbelow the indentation is."

In reflexology, this is the part of the foot that synchronizes to your solar plexus. Barb shelp that once she presses on this area, also the most skittishly ticklish clients have been surprised by how relaxing their therapies came to be.

My feet are gross. Does that bother you?

"Oh, we"ve watched it all," Barb shelp. "We"d rather educate our clients than be grossed out. So if we see a built-up callus, we"ll minimize it as much as we deserve to and also then give the client recommendations . As far as yellow toenails, that"s normally from polish, we"ll tell them how to take care of it."

Fungus doesn"t phase Barb, either. "If someone were to have actually a foot fungus, we"ll ask them, "Have you noticed your toenails looking different?" Nine times out of 10, they already recognize what they have actually. We can not diagnose them, yet we have the right to refer them to apodiatrist."

For even more pedicure advice from Barb and also other nail artists, inspect out ourguide to acquiring a pedicure via gross feet.

Is it OK to acquire my nails done if I"m pregnant?

So you"re expecting—can you acquire your nails done when pregnant? Yes, you can. That"s because you won"t be exposed to any of the nail-salon assets for an extensive duration of time. If you"re still nervous, talk to your physician around any type of potential dangers.

If I nick a nail on my method out of the salon, is it OK to ask you to deal with it?

Normally, yes. But to minimize the chances of that happening, Barb shelp, "we advise clients to hang out for a small little, 15 minutes or so, while their nails dry."

What"s conventional nail salon tipping etiquette?

Don"t forgain to follow Barb"s advice and also pay and also tipjustbeforethe polish goes on. That means, you don"t mess up your fresh nails digging out money.

If you still regulate to chip your polish in the salon, your technician should be able to patch it up—simply don"t come in days later on complaining that your polish flaked as soon as you were biting your nails.


What if someone decides that they do not desire a polish shade after it"s been applied?

Switching out your shade early on isn"t a huge deal. Generally, clients realize they"d choose a different shade after just one nail has actually been painted. Certain salons, consisting of Team Blonde, likewise have actually what"s dubbed a nail wheel to help clients ptestimonial various colors.

"Tbelow are individual fake nails via all the colors, so can actually put in on their finger to view if it matches their skin tone," Barb shelp.

For shade and also nail-art catalyst, discover ouroptimal 5 favorite summer nail looks.

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What is your greatest pet peeve as a nail artist?

According to Barb, talking on your cell phone once tbelow are various other clients in the salon is a big nail salon etiquette no-no.

"If you"re alone in the room it does not bother me ... it"s disruptive to the various other human being gaining a organization done."