After receiving an enormous amount of backlash, Netflix has lastly determined to cut the controversial self-destruction scene from seaboy one’s finale of “13 Reasons Why.” And personally, I’m glad that they did.

While it’s a small late to be doing so now, I’m still happy Netflix is taking steps to safeguard its audience from such a triggering scene, which romanticized suicide and also had actually the potential to affect its struggling viewers.

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I feel this on both an individual level and as an outsider — bereason the show affected my own principles of suicide.

I determined to watch “13 Reasons Why” not understanding anything around the suicide scene (which is why, by the way, tright here a lot of definitely must have been content warnings in the first season).

I was struggling with my very own mental wellness, and as both a journalist and also survivor, I wanted to check out exactly how psychological illness was stood for in a modern day series. As a young perboy who’s struggled via mental disease given that my teenage years, I wanted to view if I could relate to the teens in the series.

I really hoped to gain some comfort out of it, and to recognize that I wasn’t alone — something that I regularly felt as a teenager.

But the only thing I learned from watching the series was a brand-new suicide technique.

And while there were many type of triggering undertones to the show, I don’t think anything was fairly as dangerous as the bath scene.

For some, this scene was triggering sindicate because it verified self-damage. This affected a lot of people that have self-harmed in the previous because it was as well cshed to house for them. It was a reminder of previous struggles and also the pain that led them to self-harm in the initially location. It took them back to a dark location that they weren’t all set to revisit.

But I struggled through it for a various reason: the truth that they made suicide seem so straightforward.

Due to my own psychological illness last year, I began experiencing bouts of severe suicidality. It wasn’t an concept I took lightly. I had actually assumed about timing, approaches, letters, finances, and also what would take place when I was gone.

And when I began imagining just how I would certainly perform it, I already knew exactly how I would attempt it: Exactly the very same way as Hannah.

I remember reasoning back to that scene in “13 Reasons Why,” and also seeing just how simple and also serene Hannah’s death seemed to be. It seemed favor it was over in a matter of seconds.

Yes, she was extremely upcollection and also distressed, however the scene virtually made it look favor an “easy way out.” So basic, in reality, that I told myself that’s exactly how I would certainly execute it.

Luckily, I finished up seeking aid from a crisis team. After six weeks of everyday visits, assistance, and medication alters, the suicidal feelings lessened and I began to check out light at the end of the tunnel.

The self-destruction scene was quick and clean. They made it seem prefer it was basic — as though it might be an appealing way to die.

For someone in a vulnerable headroom — someone prefer me — that scene stuck with me, made worse by the truth that I wasn’t expecting to watch it in the initially place.

But in fact, slitting your wrists is an very dangerous and painful point to perform, and also it comes with the majority of dangers — many of which don’t encompass fatality.

It’s not quick. It’s not basic. It’s certainly not painmuch less. And in virtually all instances, it goes wrong and also deserve to open you as much as significant infections and also even disability.

When I tried to track dvery own the scene online, I found it without conmessage — just music behind it — and it virtually looked prefer a how-to-guide for finishing your life. It was horrifying.

It scares me to imagine a young, impressionable viewer seeing this unfold on screen and also thinking, “This is the means to execute it.”

I know they’re out tright here, bereason I was among those viewers.

I understand Netflix wanted the shock variable, as many type of tv programs carry out. And I can appreciate the ambition to open up up a conversation around suicide in a contemporary day series. However before, the way they did so was dangerous and also unrealistic.

Of course, they aren’t going to desire to show a realistic way — because that wouldn’t be suitable for the viewing age.

But that’s actually part of the trouble. It’s dangerous to portray self-destruction in a way that provides it seem relatively basic and also painless, when it’s anypoint but.

Tbelow are definitely points to favor about the display (I’ll admit, tright here were parts that I certainly loved). But those don’t outweigh the danger of leading impressionable viewers to take deadly actions because they think what was shown on the display will certainly happen in actual life.

The scene never before need to have actually been released. But the reality continues to be that it was — and endangered viewers like me.

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I’m glad that the scene has actually been reduced. I’m afrassist, though, that it’s currently also late.

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Hattie Gladwell is a mental health and wellness journalist, author, and advocate. She writes around psychological condition in really hopes of diminishing the stigma and to encourage others to sheight out.