I'm making an autofarm for seeds. it can harvest crops and i have an object delivery mechanism but i want to connect it to a timer i'm working on.

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For now i'm making one for wwarm and i will certainly make one for carrots and also potatoes and beetroots.

All i'm absent now is just how lengthy need to i make the timer count till it triggers the farm to harvest plants.

I will certainly also put beehives so it have to help growing faster.

the farm is exposed to sunlight and also all blocks are hydrated.

It's in a snowy biome if that has any kind of result.

When i googled it. I found that it takes between 10 to 30 minutes. That's a big difference so i wanted a better measurement if somebody recognize.

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Crop growth is based upon random ticks. If you are incredibly lucky they deserve to prosper virtually instantly, if you are very unlucky it can take hrs.

You deserve to test different timings in a creative test people to uncover what works best for your specific farm. Or you have the right to construct a villager based chop farm and also don't problem around any kind of of that.

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But villagers take what they harvest and i couldn't make them operate the entirety farm i could have actually made a mistake somewright here.

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