Our Minecraft: Villager Breeding Guide functions a look at just how to breed villagers to boost the population of your surrounding villages! We"re going through all of the reproduction needs you"ll have to follow, and will walk you through some of the new requirements in the 1.14 upday. This guide has been updated to work with the most present 1.16.4 Minecraft release.

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Maybe you’ve brought about one also many kind of troubles with the local village, and negative gossip is spreading about you. Maybe you’ve built a enormous metropolis in single-player mode, however it simply feels also empty. Maybe you’re a seasoned Minecraft veteran coming back to check out Minecraft Version 1.14, and points aren’t working the means you intend. Perhaps you have actually dreams of an extra Orwellian nature. No matter exactly how you acquired below, what you want is lots and several villagers. Don’t issue, we won’t ask any hard questions. In this overview, you’ll uncover every little thing you must understand about reproduction villagers, consisting of just how it’s been readjusted in Version 1.14 and the following pre-releases. For just that part, you deserve to skip to the “Changes in 1.14” area dvery own listed below. If you’re brand-new to reproduction villagers, check out on!

Finding Villagers


The most basic means to find a villager is to look for a village! These collections of structures appear scattered throughout the people, and will certainly look different relying on the regional climate. Be cautious when approaching a new location. The Village and also Pillage update has actually included some new inhabitants to the Minecraft overpeople, and also many kind of of them won’t be happy to view you. These unhappy villagers include:

Zombie Villagers Pillagers Vindications Evokers Illusioners

In eincredibly village, you have the right to uncover blocks prefer the Fletching Table, the Lectern, the Barrel, and also even more that act as “project sites” for villagers. Any adjacent villager can case among these job sites and begin offering relevant trades to the player. For instance, the Lectern is the project website for the Librarian, that will buy paper from you if you talk to them. There’s a lot to learn once it comes to trading through villagers, but to get began simply talk to each villager and see what kind of trades they have the right to sell.

The Basics

When you first get to a village, you might already view some big-headed babies running around! Baby villagers take 20 real-world minutes to thrive up, and when they’re fully grown they’ll latch onto any type of unattended project site and start giving trades. Unlike other mobs in Minecraft, villagers can’t be bred on command also simply by feeding them a details item. Instead, they plan out their families, deciding to breed on their very own if the two major needs are met.

First, both parental fees should have a nice meal! Villagers actually have 8 hidden inventory slots (for a complete of 12 slots) wbelow they have the right to save food and seeds, and also each parent will should fill up one of those slots through one of the following:

3 loaves of breview 12 carrots 12 potatoes 12 beetroots

In total, Villagers have to organize 12 individual snumerous food. Potatoes, carrots, and beetroots each account for 1 individual slot, which is why you need 12 of those vegetables in full. Loaves of bcheck out, however, account for 4 slots per loaf, which is why you only need 3 loaves of breview in complete.

Villagers will certainly share food via each other when they have actually additional, and also you deserve to aid out by throwing food to hungry villagers. Once 2 villagers are all set to breed, they will certainly wait until the evening of that day and then, if all demands are met, consume the compelled food in the process, quickly popping out a new baby villager. This component is comparable to previous versions of Minecraft. However, the other necessity for reproduction has undergone more substantial transforms.

Changes in 1.14

Forgain a bunch of doors. What you really require is a nice bed.

The best change from previous versions is that villagers now identify their willingness to breed based on the variety of surrounding beds, quite than the number of surrounding doors. Previously, the strategy for turning villages into cities was to pack tiny rooms in like sardines, via a wood door for each resident. Now the villagers have occurred some standards of living. In order for two villagers to have actually a child, tbelow need to be a bed for each of them to sleep in, plus one for the child. This means that huge rooms through several beds and also a secure food source are the new magic formula for pumping out villager babies.

The rooms should be substantial enough that the beds have at leastern two empty blocks of area above them. This will provide room for the new baby villager to jump on the bed. Remember: you need three beds lined next to each other in full to breed the kid.

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Exceeding the Limits

The greatest problem with breeding villagers is that any kind of village will certainly eventually soptimal thriving once tright here are no more unoccupied beds obtainable for a brand-new baby. This problem have the right to be finest addressed by sending the newborn villagers a long distance ameans from their original bed. You can use an automatic minecart device or waterway for this, and prior to you say it would be as well cruel to execute so, remainder assured that the little ones will foracquire all around their old village less than 10 seconds after they acquire 36 blocks away. This will certainly both fix your overpopulation problem and provide a convenient means to transfer villagers to their new homes. To keep your villager manufacturing facility running at full capacity, consider using dispensers or an automatic harvester to keep a secure supply of food items accessible.

That"s around it! To acquire your adult villagers happily employed in their new city, simply develop them a bed and a job website and they will gain appropriate to work giving trades!