I know engine temperature need to go down to "C" mark before opening radiator cap.

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However I"m finding that the temp simply stays on normal for a long time. I think I"ve review human being say you should provide an engine 30 minutes or so to cool down prior to you drain oil. However after more than 30 minutes my engine temp is still on normal.

Is this normal? How long should I wait prior to I deserve to mean an engine to cool down? When must I take into consideration that I might have actually a problem and what form of problems could reason long cooling?

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The precise time taken counts upon various factors:

The ambient temperatureThe amount of warm insulation in the engine bayVolume of coolant in the engineHow hot the engine obtained while drivingmaterial used in building and construction of the engine block/head (aluminium blocks cool faster than steel for example)

and many even more besides.

Normally though it need to be left to cool for 1-2 hours prior to it"s cooled sufficiently to open the rad cap safely. If you"re actually trying to inspect the coolant level then you most likely have to wait even more like 3-5 hours (as if the coolant is still heat it will display a falsely high analysis due to expansion).

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I realise that sounds favor an awful lengthy time but you have to remember that after you revolve the engine off a fair chunk of the residual heat from the engine is actually still being passed to the coolant (which is no surprise as the raichild d"être of coolant is to rerelocate warm from the engine!) and also since you are no longer running the water pump and also rad fans (in most instances - some cars will have actually after-run units for these. Mine still runs the fans for fairly alengthy time after ignition off if the vehicle has been driven hard for example) and also there is no longer any substantial aircirculation over the radiator (unmuch less the wind happens to be blowing that method I guess) the cooling system"s capacity to remove warmth from the coolant is a now pucount passive and a portion of what it is as soon as the auto is running.

The factor you deserve to carry out engine oil changes after only 30 mins is bereason you aren"t waiting for it to be "cold" - in reality oil is a lot simpler to adjust while still warmth as viscosity drops and it will certainly drainpipe much less complicated and also much faster.