The Instant Pot is a highly versatile appliance that can save time and also power in the kitchen. While the finest Instant Pots are intuitive, these multipractical pressure cookers can be confmaking use of too. If you’re running up against issues prefer a bad smell lingering in your Instant Pot or trouble with the timer, you’re not alone. Many of the difficulties you’re seeing are likely pretty basic to correct once you recognize what to look for.

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We have actually the ideal tips, tricks, and also hacks to fix some widespread Instant Pot difficulties.

The Instant Pot is taking too lengthy to start the timer

Remember, Instant Pots take time to heat up. For push cooking and also various other modes, the Instant Pot will certainly take a pretty considerable amount of time, generally 10 to 15 minutes, to warmth up and carry the press up to proper levels, and then start the timer. So when a recipe says “press cook in Instant Pot for 5 minutes,” you must always mentally include the added time beforehand also. If it still appears prefer it’s taking as well long, inspect your settings very closely to make certain you are in the appropriate mode.

The Pot is reflecting a ‘burn’ message

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This usually happens when the sensors think the pot in danger of burning your food (in addition to possibly leading to damages to the device). Often, this indicates that there’s not enough liquid in the pot, or that the liquid hasn’t got to all the bottom corners of the pot, which is basic to fix. You may additionally must let your pot cool dvery own if you’ve been sautéing on high heat for a while. For more facility meals, layer your starches and also sauces on height of other ingredients to create a barrier in between them and the bottom heater. Also, elevating meats utilizing the food preparation rack can help. Finally, if you have sautéed a liquid sauce or equivalent ingredient, make sure no bits are stuck to the pot before you move on to the following job.

I’m gaining an error code message

Instant Pots usage error codes to indicate particular difficulties. If a code is popping up, you should look it up to view what it means. You have the right to discover a list of the codes on the assistance page. C1, for example, means there’s a faulty temperature sensor, C5 indicates that there’s not enough water in the inner pot, and so on.

The Instant Pot keeps beeping


It’s normal for the pot to beep as it starts to heat, beep as soon as it’s beginning the timer, and also beep as soon as the timer is done. If it’s beeping otherwise, that normally means somepoint is wrong, and you must look to see if there’s a code flashing on the display. This a lot of frequently shows an overheating worry that your Instant Pot wants you to recognize around ASAP.

The float valve is stuck

That little bit float valve on the peak of the lid is expected to loosely move between venting and organic pressure release. If this valve gets jammed, there’s a trouble. It generally indicates that the valve has actually end up being clogged through food. Unclog the valve, and also then wash the lid all around the valve and make sure all bits of food are rerelocated.

My pot is … sort of stinky

The rubberized sealing ring of the Instant Pot have the right to absorb odors conveniently, particularly once push cooking. If you are food preparation a particularly pungent meal, the ring might retain the smell, which is annoying once making a different meal. Garlic smells may be the most common, but it can occur over time through a variety of odors.

If the odor is leading to troubles, take your sealing ring out and also try washing it in the dishwasher. This deserve to rerelocate some of the worst of the smell and also gain the ring ago into functioning order. You may additionally want to try soaking it in a pan of warm water blended through baking soda to absorb as a lot of the odor as you deserve to. Some human being even pick to purchase a spare sealing ring and also use one for meals and also one for desserts.

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I am push cooking, but steam is leaking out

Is steam leaking out of the push valve, also as soon as turned to the top locked position? It’s normal for a little amount of heavy steam to leak from the valve while the pot is heating up, yet if it continues to leak vapor during the pressure cooking cycle, you might have a difficulty. This could be a sign that you must clean out and reposition the valve. If this doesn’t occupational, you might even have to rearea the valve.

If heavy steam is seeping out the sides, make certain the lid is effectively locked for press food preparation. If the lid seems to be fine, examine your sealing ring. A stretched or cracked ring have to be reput. If the ring has end up being dislodged, you can usually put it earlier right into area without trouble. A loose ring can firm up if you put it in the freezer for a little while, but this will certainly ultimately hasten the silicone degeneration, so you should setup on acquiring a new ring either method.

Prescertain isn’t building in my Pot

This typically happens once the press release valve has actually been turned to “open” when you sealed the lid, however you didn’t alert at the moment — so heavy steam is simply slowly leaking out of the pot as it tries to warm up. This isn’t great for the food inside, and it keeps the pot from actually getting to the correct pressure levels.

The finest solution for this is to obtain in the halittle of always checking the press valve when you seal the lid. Just look and also make certain it’s in the locked position prior to you pick your press food preparation establishing.


I can’t number out the timer

This is a very prevalent worry as soon as first using the Instant Pot, and also tbelow are a pair of guidelines you really must understand to stop mistakes or difficulties.

Selecting an choice choose poultry will instantly create a timer, which you then change to the correct time through the + and also – butloads below the timer display. Remember that the timer does not encompass exactly how long it takes the Instant Pot to heat up or cool dvery own. It’s designed to just be the moment that the food inside is actively pressure food preparation. Therefore, your Instant Pot will certainly take time to reach push — anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes, normally, however it counts on the initial temperature of the ingredients, the amount of the ingredients, and the kind of ingredients. It will likewise take time to release pressure, specifically if the recipe calls for a natural push release, which often takes another 10 to 20 minutes. Remember to encompass all this time in your food preparation calculations.

I save burning my fingers once trying to release steam

The release nozzle on the Pot’s valve is pretty loose, and also twitching it open up for a rapid release after press cooking deserve to be painful for also fast fingers. If you’ve been charred by heavy steam prior to, there’s an extremely straightforward solution that Pot individuals have found: Just use a wood spoon. Push the valve open up through the spoon to release it and also prevent any kind of heavy steam concerns.

I can’t seal my Instant Pot lid

The pot lid can be tricky to lock and unlock without a small practice. If you are brand-new to your Instant Pot, try moving the lid ago and forth from the locked place until you get the hang of it. If you understand for certain that your lid isn’t locking appropriately, look for food blockages or a sign of a slipped sealing ring. The lid may also be damaged, yet this is fairly rare — Instant Pot lids are exceptionally challenging.

The lid won’t come off

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First, make certain enough heavy steam has been released after pressure food preparation. Whether you select a natural push release or quick release, offer the Pot time to eliminate the heavy steam and cool dvery own. Remember, Instant Pots are designed to be extra-safe, so the pot won’t let you open the lid with as well a lot push still inside the pot. A little bit of patience can regularly settle this issue.

Otherwise, the lid more than likely won’t come off bereason the vapor release button is stuck. If you’re certain every one of the press has been released from the pot, use a spoon handle and tap the button next to the release valve.

I included liquid prefer I was told, however things went wrong

When an Instant Pot recipe calls for “liquid,” it’s being extremely particular, particularly when it involves pressure food preparation. This requirements to be a true liquid, typically water or chicken/vegetable stock, however some recipes speak to for anything from juice to beer. You cannot use a sauce or a liquid with any thickeners (such as starches), which won’t add sufficient of the necessary pure liquid to the mix — somepoint that’s essential to produce heavy steam. Doing so outcomes in charred foodstuffs and also various other troubles. Pressure-cooked meals generally require at least one cup of liquid to occupational correctly. Instant Pots will frequently warn you if they feeling a lack of liquid, however it pays to understand also what the recipe calls for. Add sauces and also thickeners after the cooking is completed.

The Instant Pot display screen won’t revolve on

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Most screen problems are often the direct result of a power difficulty. One quick means to attempt and also fix your screen is to make sure the power cord is totally plugged right into your Instant Pot. If you previously tried this and the screen still wouldn’t revolve on, you need to try to plug your Instant Pot into a separate outlet totally. If you’re still unsuccessful, contact Instant Pot assistance.

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The pot is acquiring streaky or cloudy

If you spotted streaks or clouds inside your pot after your first couple of uses, that’s normal. Fats and also oils tfinish to reason stainmuch less steel to stain a bit (contrary to the material’s name). Fortunately, those stains won’t impact your cooking at all, but they could be tough to rerelocate once hand also washing. The pot is dishwasher safe, so attempt running it with your other kitchenware to rerelocate streaks and also smudges. Another solution is to mix a little of vinegar on the resias a result of bring back the pot’s original shine.

My Instant Pot isn’t searing extremely well

Sautéing through your Instant Pot is convenient, however it deserve to be complex to acquire a decent sear on specific cuts of meat. We recommend opting for a various appliance completely to sear most larger-reduced foods, like steak, because your Instant Pot won’t get warm enough to execute a deep sear. Smaller cuts of meat may prove to be successful, however we can’t promise that the meat won’t come to be chewy or soggy. Searing is not the Instant Pot’s solid suit, so you should leave that project up to your trusted frying pan.