When it involves institutions in the United States, tright here are plenty of city legends to go around: ghosts that roam the halls at night, getting your diploma if a organic disaster destroys the college, and the questionable source of your cafeteria’s meat. But I want to talk around among these bereason, in my suffer, this wasn’t a metropolitan legfinish at all. According to the myth, if the teacher is 15 minutes late to course, you deserve to leave. If they present up after 16 minutes, it doesn’t matter: you have the right to walk out of class, no aftermath.

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For a lengthy time, I’ve never considered this a myth because my university practiced a modified version of this dominion. The plan was that if the professor was late for more than 1/3 of the class time, we might leave. So, for an hour-long course, we might leave if the teacher didn’t present up after 20 minutes. If it was a 90-minute class, we can leave after 30 minutes. If it was a 2-hour course, we could leave in 40 minutes – you get the idea.

What I think provides this an city legfinish, yet, is the students’ assumption that this rule uses to ALL colleges, including second schools prefer middle college and high college. Here’s the fact and also rationale behind it.

If a Teacher is 15 Minutes Late, Can You Leave?

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I understand also why you’d be frustrated at a late teacher. Students are supposed to be on-time gaining to course, otherwise they’re provided an earful around wasting people’s time. And yet, it’s OK for teachers to be even more than 15 minutes late to course. And also if they are late, they expect their students to wait an entire period for them. While it’s not illegal to store students after the bell, you might feel frustrated waiting for the last hour of your course to finish because your teacher is a no-present once you might have already left.

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Unfortunately, unless your school has plans in area for such cases, you can’t argue to leave a class if a teacher is 15 minutes late. In situation it does happen, but, the finest solution is to either uncover a major and report the absent teacher. That way, a substitute teacher deserve to be discovered to either officially dismiss you or discover a method to usage the moment productively.