15 Hottest Woguys You Foracquired Were On How I Met Your Mother One of the factors HIMYM was successful via men was the constant barrage of eye candy that paraded via our display screens.

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While the show has been over for about 3 years now, it remains one of the best sitcoms given that 2000. In a way, How I Met Your Mother was a corny love story, as the entire standard plot of the film is Ted Mosby, the hopemuch less romantic, trying to uncover a wife. On the other hand though, that storyline typically took a backseat to things prefer "Robots Versus Wrestlers," scotch, cigar bars, and also of course, hilarious sessions of shooting the breeze in MacLaren"s Pub.

So while on the surface, the display sounds like a love-based story that would appeal to womales (and also did have actually lots of female fans), the display managed to industry a love story that appeacaused dudes as well. One of the finest ways that the sitcom controlled to do this was by supplying up relatable male personalities in Barney, Ted, and also Marshall, in addition to entertaining female major characters that were additionally beautiful in Lily and Robin.

Of course, among the various other factors the present was successful with males was the continuous barrage of eye candy that paraded with our screens. Whether it was a major star or a lesser recognized actress, eextremely few episodes, the present would carry on a brand-new character that wouldn"t stick around long yet would certainly commonly sell some cheap laughs and also of course, some s*x appeal. Here are fifteenager of the the majority of beautiful woguys that you may have actually forgotten had actually parts on this show.

15 Laura Prepon (Karen)

We first fell for Laura Prepon as Donna Pinciotti on That "70s Show and more newly, she has actually been playing Alex, one of the primary characters on the Netflix hit Oarray is the New Black. We loved her as a redhead in the 1970"s and also she"s stunning as a dark-haired prikid inmate. But carry out you remember Ted Mosby"s nightmarish blonde high school/college girlfriend, Karen? This was not Prepon"s best duty and also many kind of people forobtain her existence in three episodes of HIMYM. "Nightmarish" can be the kindest method we deserve to define her. She was a devastating character, comprised of a mix in between a hippy, condescfinishing intellectual, regulate freak, and also of course, a cheater. As awful as the character was, Laura Prepon played her very well and also did an excellent task portraying an awful girlfrifinish.

14 Mandy Moore (Amy)

One of the hottest musical acts of the 2000"s made a solitary episode appearance on the show back in 2007. Mandy Moore had actually just released her fifth complete album and also acted as Amy, an edgy, mouthy, tattooed beauty who takes a liking to Ted. The episode was "Wait for It," the initially episode in seachild 3. Ted and also Robin had damaged up, and Ted wasn"t taking care of it very well, particularly after Robin returns from Argentina with Gael (Enrique Eglasias). In a fit of jealousy, Ted is all set to relocate on and finds Amy at MacLaren"s. She steals some booze, finds a womale willing to perform anything for Barney, and of course, pressures Ted to gain that inwell known reduced back butterfly tatas well. At this point in the display, Amy is among the few womales who can actually put Barney in his location while Barney tries to bebit Ted, mocking his suit, and also of course, calling him a nerd.

13 Jennifer Lopez (Anita)

While plenty of young up-and-coming actresses have scored components on How I Met Your Mother, occasionally it was the previous greatest name in show company. In this instance, it was the latter; and while Jennifer Lopez was somewhat previous her prime at this point, she looked great on the display as Anita, the writer of the feminist self-help book Of Course You"re Still Single, Take a Look at Yourself You Dumb Sl**. Originally, Robin had actually asked Anita to "crush" Barney, using her "no" approach (saying no as a lot as possible so that men will certainly crave you). But inevitably, she becomes the victim, as Barney decides not to take her on the "super date" after realizing just how cruel he had actually been to Robin, bragging about his s*xual occupations. While the character was annoying, and J-Lo can"t act her way out of a wet paper bag, she looked wonderful despite being 40 at the time.

12 Jennifer Morrichild (Zoey)

After years of being one of the main personalities on House, Jennifer Morrison scored a little duty on How I Met Your Mother as Zoey (short for Zoseph?), the woguy trying to destroy among Ted"s architectural restoration tasks and likewise the woman through whom he would certainly finish up having a brief yet unpleasant partnership. When they met, she was married to The Captain/George Van Smoot. But Ted, being the stand-up man that he is, damaged the relationship up.

More freshly, Morrichild played Emma on Once Upon a Time. But for HIMYM fans, she"ll always be Zoey, the annoying but stunning activist offering Ted a difficult time over the Arcadian.

11 Sarah Chalke (Stella)

Sarah Chalke, known mostly for playing Dr. Reid on Scrubs and also more recently for voicing Beth on Rick and Morty, played among the most despicable characters ever before to sign up with the show. Stella Zinmale was the dermatologist who removed Ted"s reduced back tatas well, and also no matter just how beautiful she was, Stella is a truly repugnant character. For those that do not remember, Stella and Ted fell for each other over the course of the ten sessions needed to remove his tattoo and also were actually close to acquiring married. But Stella left Ted at the altar for her ex, Tony. Tony would certainly go on to make a movie around the entire situation called The Wedding Bride, which presented Ted as the monster of the case. One would think that Stella would certainly have talked him out of making such a cruel movie, yet the woguy was an absolute monster and also Ted treated her far better than she deoffered. At the same time, Sarah Chalke is so gorgeous we had trouble hating her character.

10 Rachel Bilson (Cindy)

After just a few tiny roles, gorgeous Californian Rachel Bilkid regulated to snag herself a job as one of the primary personalities on The O.C., Summer. With regard to How I Met Your Mother, she was cast as Cindy and also showed up in simply 4 episodes between 2010 and also the last seaboy in 2014. Originally, Cindy and also Ted dated exceptionally briefly while he was just starting his career as a professor. The 2 went their separate ways after she uncovered that dating a prof would certainly put her scholarship in jeopardy.

Fast-forward a few years, and Cindy had actually discovered that she was into women. She was likewise the Mother"s roommate in college, somepoint Ted lets us recognize when the two first met. Cindy had actually an amazing connection through the Mvarious other and it is heavily implied that she was secretly in love with her while the two lived together, all the while obtaining annoyed that so many kind of guys fell in love with her roomie.

9 Lucy Hale (Katie)

While the majority of world recognize her as Aria Montgomery of Pretty Little Liars, stunning brunette Lucy Hale played Robin Scherbatsky"s sister, Katie, in 2 episodes. The first of these, First Time in New York, featured a story about a teenage Katie and also whether or not she would certainly sleep with her boyfrifinish while visiting Robin in New York. Robin is unable to talk her out of her little bit setup, but Ted is, by explaining to her that also the nicest males are dirtbags in high college when they"re trying to acquire a item.

While we would certainly have actually loved to see more of this young beauty on the present, we did not watch Hale on the show aobtain until the final seachild, once she joined the group when aobtain for Robin"s wedding.

8 Becki Newton (Quinn)

There are fairly a couple of messed up relationships in How I Met Your Mother. Ted and also Karen are an instance of a damaging partnership. Many of Barney"s relationships are awful, however few caused more headaches for the Barnmale than his courtship and also brief engagement to Quinn Garvey, played by Becki Newton, that is more generally well-known for her function as Amanda on Ugly Betty. When they met, she was functioning as a stripper at the Lusty Leopard wright here Barney creates an infatuation for her.

The two eventually autumn in love and also then acquire engaged, yet Barney being permanently horny and Quinn being a stripper that takes it all off for anyone willing to pay, turns out to be as well a lot for the couple to manage. They break up yet she stays relatively cshed via the gang, even conspiring via Robin to offer Barney an "awesome" bachelor party.

7 Carrie Underlumber (Tiffany)

Tbelow are numerous phrases that How I Met Your Mother coined which became parts of continuous speech while the present was on. Several of which are still thrvery own roughly to now. We need to admit, the creative minds behind the display were clever. Many world started using "wait for it," "suit up" (dress sharp), "lawyered," and also of course, the "Hot-Crazy Scale" after hearing these points on the show. Being "on the hook" is another idea presented on the present which indicates (for those that haven"t watched the present in a while) being maintained about and also strung alengthy as a romantic option.

The womale who had Ted on her "hook" was Tiffany type of, played by the stunning singer and previous Amerideserve to Idol winner Carrie Underlumber. This was a tough episode to watch, offered that Ted was blatantly being supplied by this woman, but also using one more womale with whom he operated, Henrietta.

6 April Bowlby (Crazy Meg)

Many world are familiar through April Bowlby because of her duty as Kandi on Two and also a Half Men. While she is fairly well-spoken and also plainly intelligent as soon as not acting, her role on that display was as a woman who was as dumb as she was beautiful. Kandi was stunning however dumber than a bag of hammers. On HIMYM, she played Meg, who was often recognized to the team as "Crazy Meg." Crazy Meg, a lot like Kandi, was dopey, naive, and also plainly obtained to wherever before she remained in life based on her looks. We have to say, it sucks as soon as someone talented gets typecasted, yet April Bowlby plays a dumb girl phenomenally. Considering her function as Crazy Meg, she is additionally able to throw in creepy, clingy, and also downbest scary in addition to dumb. But gaining ago to the worry at hand also, she is absolutely stunning and also certainly ranks among the hottest womales ever to be on the present.

5 Katy Perry (Honey)

Much of what we simply shelp about April Bowlby"s character, Kandi (and Meg for that matter), deserve to be sassist of Katy Perry"s cameo on How I Met Your Mvarious other. While Ted was dating Zoey, her cousin Honey, a young actress, verified up to sign up with the gang for a night in the bar. Honey was beautiful, and naive to the allude of it being downright dangerous. In fact, "Honey" isn"t her real name however just a nickname assigned by the gang bereason eexceptionally time she claims somepoint, they say "Oh, Honey" as a lot of of her stories information her being taken benefit of. Katy Perry, who is nearly universally classified as "magnificent," isn"t much of an actress and just spat out her lines with limited charisma. But we can"t say much else bad about her appearance on the display as it was type of hilarious...not to point out that we"ll take any opportunity to stare at this womale.

4 Nazanin Boniadi (Nora)

Iranian-British-Amerihave the right to actress Nazanin Boniadi, who played Barney"s love interest in periods 6 and seven, was initially an scholastic prior to leaving the area of biology to focus on acting. She made the option in the mid-2000"s and also it passist off easily, as she earned the function of Leyla on General Hospital in 2007. On HIMYM, she played among Robin"s coworkers at Worldwide News, and also while dating Barney, demanded far more respect and also honesty than he was willing to provide. More recently, she has actually been featured in film duties, consisting of the upcoming Hotel Mumbai, which will certainly chronicle the 2008 terrorist strikes in Mumbai, India.

If you were rooting for Barney throughout the show, Nora was a frustrating character to deal with, but we can"t fault her character as she was simply a woman who refused to be walked on by dudes choose the "Barnacle."

3 Stacy Keibler (Karina)

Remember the episode Girls Versus Suits? That was the one in which the beautiful new bartender at MacLaren"s can"t be wowed by Barney"s suits. In reality, she hates his fashion alternative, citing a few previous boyfriends who operated on Wall surface Street and also wore suits. Stacy Keibler is just one of the sexiest women ever before to be featured on this show, much prefer she remains among the hottest woguys ever before to work-related in WWE. Unchoose many of the women on this list, Keibler is pretty a lot retired from show service these days. She hasn"t acted in a couple of years, hasn"t wrestled in around the very same amount of time and as much as anyone deserve to tell, she"s married, has a kid, and also has actually preferred that over acting and wrestling.

By the method, for those that forgained, Barney lied about obtaining rid of his suits to seal the address this sexy bartender. This was an awesome episode with that hilarious musical number "Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit."

2 Nicole Scherzinger (Jessica Glitter)

If you don"t identify the name, you"ll likely identify the body and also face. Nicole Scherzinger was the one memorable girl in the destructive early and also mid-2000"s group The Pussycat Dolls. They were destructive and also didn"t last, however she was absolutely stunning and had a really brief cameo on HIMYM. Remember just how Robin was well-known as Robin Sparkles earlier in Canada and also had actually a campy Canadian kid"s show? Well, her sidekick and ideal friend was Jessica Glitter, played by Scherzinger. Their connection came to be strained when Jessica came to be pregnant via her child, yet the 2 sang "The Beaver Song" at the Hoser Hut (Canadian bar), reminding each other that they are still friends despite their stays having gone in various directions.

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1 Ashley Benkid (Carly)

One of the a lot of stunning, paincompletely sexy womales in display service this particular day, Ashley Benson"s appearance in the eighth season of the present was hilarious. Barney was adamant that Ted continue to watch his significantly younger girlfrifinish, despite tright here being not a lot in the way of chemisattempt. Barney"s fondness of the relationship stemmed from the fact that Barney was involved to Robin and couldn"t date younger woguys. Barney"s perspective changes as soon as he sees that Ted"s young lady frifinish was Carly, his half-sister. Barney tried to obtain the two of them to acquire married afterward and the episode was a rare winner in compariboy to many type of episodes late in the series. While it is left reasonably ambiguous whether or not Barney ever before bedded Ted"s mommy, and also Barney never slept through Ted"s sister, Heather, we certainly know that Ted spent the night through Barney"s stunning younger sister. This is hilarious, provided exactly how much time Barney invested obsessing over Ted"s female household members.