When I reviewed the LG V10 last year, I praised the phone’s robustness. LG constructed it to withstand results from life’s perils.

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Still, despite the impracticality, I swapped my V10 for the Galaxy S7 Edge. Samsung does continually ideal LG in some methods. The S-AMOLED screen and video camera performance are premium, to me.

However, after a pair of weeks, I began to disdain the S7’s fragility. I might no longer area my phone dvery own on a table without worrying around the back obtaining scratched. I have to give additional attention to my grip when handling the phone; the thin sides on the S7 Edge and slippery earlier make it constantly worrisome. Like many type of phone enthusiasts, I don’t choose situations. They defeat the function of the phone’s premium, attrenergetic design.

Still, despite babying the S7 Edge, a multitude of scratches began appearing on my unit.

Multitude of scratches by the left and also right capacitive buttons, and on the Home button.

I’ve been exceptionally careful through this phone. It hasn’t been smacked versus anything or dropped. I’m baffled at just how easily it scratches. And the glass is intended to be Gorilla Glass 4 long lasting.

I’d be lying if I shelp the LG V10 didn’t have actually hairline scratches either. But they didn’t come so quickly or conveniently. Even, I’ve bumped approximately my Moto 360 second Gen (through Gorilla Glass 3) quite a little and it still looks pristine.

This might seem more choose a rant versus Corning, but the fact of the matter is, glass is much from the finest product to construct a phone out of. The S7 Edge for sure looks pretty out of package. To me, it’s the sexiest phone out tbelow. But we need to think about longevity, particularly through an $800 phone.

Long scratch/crack occurred along the earlier glass of my S7 Edge, and I have no concept how.

Moral of the story: If you’re gaining a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, get a situation. I understand it sucks, I know the hardware feels awesome in-hand, yet the phone is just too fragile. I hope Samsung thinks about practicality following time.

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