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The a lot of prevalent way to say "you"re welcome" in Russian is Пожалуйста (paZHAlusta), which originally expected "be merciful" or "be kind" and have the right to additionally be used to suppose "please" in contemporary Russian.

However, tright here are several various other means of saying "you"re welcome" in Russian.


Pronunciation: paZHAlusta / pZHAlstuh

Translation: you"re welcome

Meaning: you"re welcome, please

Пожалуйста is the simplest means to respond to a thank you in Russian. The word in its current develop showed up in the middle of the 1ninth century, however its origins go much better earlier in Russian background. Пожалуй, a command create of the verb пожаловать, initially expected "give," "approve," or "have actually mercy." It was used once the speaker asked for a favor or a company.

It is thought that the existing form, пожалуйста, appeared by combining the verb пожалуй and also the ppost ста, which could be an old Russian form of the verb стать - to become, or, in an additional version, a shortened form of the word сударь - Sir.

- Спасибо за помощь. - Пожалуйста- spaSEEba za POmash. - paZHAlusta- Thanks for your assist. - You"re welcome

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Pronunciation: pustiKEE

Translation: trifle

Meaning: not at all

This easy-going way of saying you"re welcome have the right to be offered in any conversation, including formal and exceptionally informal. It deserve to likewise be supplied in conjunction through Да (DAH), which adds an extra informal tone to the expression:

Да пустяки - it"s nopoint, do not issue around it.

- Я так вам благодарен - Да пустяки!- Ya TAK vam blagaDAryn - da pustyKEE!- I"m so grateful - Not at all, it"s nothing!

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Не за что

Pronunciation: NYE za shtuh

Translation: nothing (to thank) for

Meaning: Not at all

A exceptionally prevalent method to say you"re welcome, не за что has a neutral tone and deserve to be offered in many social settings. However before, the expression has actually been experiencing a backlash in current years, via fans of positive language advertising it to be also negative.

- Спасибо за гостеприимство - Не за что, приходите еще!- spaSEEbuh za gastypriEEMstvuh - NYE za shtuh, prihaDEEty yeSHOH!- Thank you for having actually us - Not at all, please come again!

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Не стоит благодарности

Pronunciation: ny STOeet blagaDARnasti

Translation: not worth any gratitude

Meaning: do not mention it, not at all

This is a polite means of saying you are welcome and also have the right to be used in more formal situations such as speaking to someone you do not know or in main settings.

- Огромное Вам спасибо за книгу - Не стоит благодарности- agROMnaye VAM spaSEEbuh za KNEEgu - ny STOHeet blagaDARnasti- Thank you so much for the book - Don"t point out it

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Pronunciation: yeroonDAH

Translation: nonsense, nothing

Meaning: it"s nothing, not at all

The word ерунда has actually a comparable interpretation as пустяки and is supplied in the exact same way once saying you"re welcome in Russian. Although it is suitable for usage in any kind of occasion, the word is even more famous via the well-spoken part of the Russian population.

- Спасибо, что помогли - Ерунда- spaSEEbuh shto pamagLEE - yeroonDAH- Thank you for your assist - Not at all

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На здоровье

Pronunciation: na zdaROvye

Translation: to your health

Meaning: you are extremely welcome

While many non-Russian speakers erroneously think this expression to be a toast, на здоровье actually implies you"re welcome. It is supplied in a familiar and also calm conmessage, in conversations through friends or family members, or as soon as wishing to convey a specifically jovial mood.

- Спасибо! Да на здоровье!- spaSEEbuh! da na zdaROvye!- Thanks! You"re incredibly welcome!

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Рад / рада помочь

Pronunciation: RADVERTISEMENT / RAda paMOCH

Translation: happy to help

Meaning: happy to help

Рад / рада помочь is a polite means to say you"re welcome. It deserve to be supplied in any kind of context, formal or informal, and is a great method to let someone recognize that you genuinely delighted in helping them.

- Я очень Вам благодарен - Рад помочь- ya Ochen vam blagaDAren - RADVERTISEMENT paMOCH- I am so grateful - Happy to help

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Не проблема

Pronunciation: ny prabLYEma

Translation: not a problem

Meaning: no problem

This is a really informal expression, and also although it is offered exceptionally commonly, the usage is restricted to friends, family members, or serene atmosphere.

- Спасибо за звонок. - Да не проблема, все нормально- spaSEEbuh za zvaNOK - da ny prabLYEma, vsyo narMAL"na- Thank you for calling - No problem, it"s fine

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Не вопрос

Pronunciation: ny vapROS

Translation: no question

Meaning: no difficulty, it"s absolutely fine

Another informal expression, не вопрос is supplied interchangeably through не проблема, and is suitable for connecting with friends and household.

- Спасибо, что согласился помочь - Не вопрос- Thank you for agreeing to assist - No problem

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Было приятно Вам помочь

Pronunciation: Byla priYATna VAM paMOCH

Translation: it was nice / pleasant to help you

Meaning: happy to help

A extremely courteous method to say you"re welcome, this expression is supplied in even more formal situations.

- Благодарю - Было приятно Вам помочь- BlagadaRYU - BYla priYATna vam paMOCH- I"m grateful - Happy to help

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