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I understand you probably got here from googling “exactly how to say tour in Spanish” so I’ll be exceptionally brief right here and also just acquire you the answer you desire. Unchoose English which uses one word for both of these things, Spanish has two different words depending upon what type of tour you’re talking about: “un tour” and “una gira”. Also, it bears clarifying what “giro” means bereason that’s also a word in Spanish which indicates something entirely different and also you don’t desire to confuse them. I shall provide memory aids along the means to aid you remember which words refer to what.

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“Un tour”: bus tour, guided tour, sightseeing tour, etc.

That’s what “un tour” is. It’s (obviously) a loanword they took from English. There’s really no various other word supplied for this to the best of my expertise, and it’s the very same throughout the Spanish-speaking human being (Spain and Latin America, in various other words). This is incredibly simple to remember and also I don’t think we require any memory aids or mnemonics here, though I have included an image to illustrate for you on the left.


“Una gira”: a series of performances by an artist in various locations

This is the “to go on tour” type of tour, prefer what a musician, band also, or theater team would carry out. Very basic to remember: “Shakira hace una gira” (“Shakira” and “gira” rhyme, I’ll provide you pronunciation aid in a minute), which is Spanish for “Shakira does a tour”. It’s also how you would say that someone is “on tour”, so “Shakira hace una gira” might also be analyzed as “Shakira is on tour”. “Hacer”, for those that don’t know, indicates “to do”, and “hace” is the third-perchild, current, indicative create of the verb. Here are pronunciations of “Shakira”, “hace”, and “gira” by native Spanish speakers if you need aid through that:


“Hace”, Spanish (from Spain) pronunciation (the “c” is pronounced in a different way in Spain than elsewhere):

“Hacer”, Latin Amerihave the right to pronunciation:


Bonus, “Hacer una gira” (“to perform a tour” or “to go on tour”):

If you’re finding out Spanish…

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