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Synonyms for sin

Synonyms: Verb

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Noun (1)

offense, sin, vice, crime, scandal expect a transgression of law. offense uses to the infraction of any legislation, rule, or code. at that college no offense went unpunished sin implies an offense against ethical or spiritual legislation. the sin of blasphemy vice uses to a halittle bit or exercise that dequalities or corrupts. concerned gambling as a vice crime indicates a serious offense punishable by the regulation of the state. the crime of murder scandal uses to an offense that outrperiods the public conscientific research. a career ruined by a sex scandal

More on the Meaning of Sin

The word sin has actually been in usage for well over a thousand years. Our present form of the word originates from the Middle English sinne, which is itself from the Old English syn. The original meanings of sin were greatly came to with religious matters ("an offense versus religious or ethical law"; "a transgression of the legislation of God"; "a vitiated state of humale nature in which the self is estranged from God"), as they still are now.

Sin does, but, have weakened, non-spiritual interpretations. In its "an action that is or is felt to be very reprehensible" definition it is still a weighty word; it describes actions of a type that are most likely to be strongly condemned. Far weaker is its "an regularly major shortcoming" definition, which have the right to jokingly apply to a harmmuch less act like eating one dessert also many type of, or have the right to be paired through an additional word to refer to a failing of one sort or one more, as in "literary/grammatical sins."

The word sinful, although it is the majority of often uncovered supplied in recommendation to habits that is in some way wicked, may likewise be discovered denoting activities which are quite enjoyable (although still perhaps guilt-inducing), such as eating "a sinful dessert."

Sin is additionally provided in a fair variety of compound nouns, some of which permit shades of sinfulness: a venial sin is a lot less severe than a mortal sin.

If you discover yourself in require of a word through which to define behavior or inclinations that are in some means questionable, but feel that sin is also solid a word, the English language has actually a riches of choices obtainable. The Latin word peccare (“to sin”) has actually provided rise to a number of English words that attend to sin, however which have much less fire and brimrock in their meanings. We have peccadillo (“a slight offense”), peccable (which may suppose either “liable to sin” or “susceptible to temptation”), and also peccant (“violating a principle or dominance, as of taste or propriety”).

Examples of sin in a Sentence

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Verb Forprovide me, for I have actually sinned. bmuch less me, Father, for I have actually sinned