If you have actually Spanish-speaking friends, it’s incredibly likely that, at some suggest, they might want to present you to various other human being. Knowing what to say in these instances is vital to leave an excellent impression or start a conversation. As an outcome, learners must know different ways to say nice to satisfy you in Spanish. 

In Spanish, tright here are different expressions to say nice to accomplish you. A few of the most widespread ones include: 

Mucho gusto – Nice to fulfill youEncantaexecute de conocerte – Pleased to satisfy youEs un placer – It’s a pleasureHe escuchado mucho sobre ti – I have actually heard so much about you¡Qué tal! – How perform you do?

Knowing various expressions to say nice to satisfy you in Spanish not just will boost your vocabulary, yet it might also assist you begin a conversation and practice your Spanish. Because these polite expressions are extremely important, I’ve compiled a list of 5 widespread ways ‘to say nice to satisfy you’ in Spanish. 

In addition to offering you via these expressions, I’ll additionally incorporate tiny descriptions so you recognize when to use them, some examples to give you an idea of just how to use them and some exciting variations of these expressions that you deserve to usage. If required, I’ll give a phrase structure that you can follow to customize your expressions. 

By the end of this, you’ll know 5 different methods to say nice to accomplish you in Spanish!

1. Mucho gusto – Nice to meet you

As you may have actually currently guessed, mucho gusto is among the the majority of widespread and simplest means to say ‘nice to satisfy you’ in Spanish. Due to its popularity, this expression deserve to be offered in both formal and also informal introductions. 

Another advantage of using ‘mucho gusto’ is that, unchoose various other expressions, you don’t should customize or adjust it. But if you’re really happy to meet someone, you have the right to intensify ‘mucho gusto’ by making use of the superlative form muchísimo.

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Here are some examples: 

Hola, mucho gusto, soy Daniela y, ¿ustedes?Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Daniela and you?

Tú eres la nousing de David, ¿verdad? ¡Muchísimo gusto! You are David’s girlfriend, right? So nice to fulfill you!

Persona 1: Lenny, esta es PatriciaHuman 1: Lenny, this is Patricia
Persona 2: Hola, mucho gusto, bienvenida. Person 2: Hi, nice to satisfy you, welcome.

Take Note: Spanish superlatives permit you to intensify the characteristics or attributes presented by an adjective or adverb. In this instance, ‘muchísimo gusto’ expresses excellent joy for meeting a person.

2. Encantacarry out de conocerte – Pleased to accomplish you

Encantacarry out de conocerte is also one more well-known expression that you can usage to say ‘nice to accomplish you’ in Spanish. However, this expression has actually a higher level of formality and politeness than ‘mucho gusto’. It can be translated as:

Pleased to satisfy youIt’s a pleacertain to fulfill you

In other words, you can use ‘encantaperform de conocerte’ as soon as meeting your friend’s paleas, a day or in more formal conmessages such as functioning settings. In order to use ‘encantacarry out de conocerte’ appropriately, you need to perform some transforms as soon as utilizing it in various situations:

‘Encantado’ requirements to enhance the speaker’s gender (encantacarry out for males and also encantada for females). 

Let’s clarify this via some examples: 

Encantado + de + conocer +

¿Eres la hermana de Luis? Encantada de conocerteYou are Louis’s sister? It’s a pleacertain to meet you

Hola, soy la amiga de Victoria, encantada de conocerlo, señorHello, I’m Victoria’s friend, pleased to accomplish you, sir

No nos han presentacarry out, soy Paul, encantado de conocerlas, señoritasThey haven’t introduced us, I’m Paul, pleased to fulfill you, ladies

Take instance #3 as a guide. Señoritas is a feminine plural noun. Since the direct object pronoun requirements to complement these qualities, you need include the pronoun ‘las’ (feminine and plural) at the end of conocer. 

If you don’t want to gain right into trouble through pronouns, you deserve to usage the brief variation encantado’. 

Persona 1: Sr. Williams, esta es mi esposa, Hanna.Human 1: Mr. Williams, this is my wife, Hanna.
Persona 2: Encantado, señora. Human 2: Pleased to fulfill you, madam. 

Take Note: When an infinitive verb functions with object pronouns, the pronoun gets attached to the verb and also both end up being one word (conocerte). 

3. Es un placer – It’s a pleasure

Another polite and also formal means to say ‘nice to meet you’ in Spanish is by making use of the expression es un placer. Normally, this expression is offered once you want to be super polite or once you are in formal situations such as office and also college atmospheres. 

‘Es un placer’ literally implies it’s a pleasure. But, of course, tbelow are other common variations that you might usage in its area. Most of these variations deserve to be interpreted as ‘it is a pleacertain to satisfy you’. 

Me alegra mucho conocerte – Slightly even more informal. Can be used if you have actually more familiarity with the perchild that is being presented to you.(Es) Un placer conocerte – It’s another formal and polite variation. Notice that this expression needs you to use straight object pronouns.Un placer – It’s not as casual as ‘me alegra mucho conocerte’, however it’s slightly even more informal than ‘es un placer’. It can also mean a pleacertain.

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Here are some examples of exactly how to use these expressions: 

+ un placer 

Buenas noches, fue un placer conocerlos Good night, it was a pleasure to accomplish you

Beatriz, es un placer, Matthew habla mucho sobre tiBeatriz, it’s a pleacertain, Matthew talks about you a lot

Laura, un placer, siéntete como en tu casa, por favorLaura, a pleasure, please, make yourself at home 

Take Note: If you conjugate the verb ser in the expression ‘es un placer’, this phrase will certainly attribute as a farewell in Spanish, however likewise as a method to reaffirm that you were pleased to fulfill that perchild. 

4. He escuchaexecute mucho sobre ti – I have actually heard so much about you

He escuchado mucho sobre ti is one more Spanish expression that you deserve to usage to say ‘nice to satisfy you’. Actually, this phrase is the straight translation of ‘I have heard so much about you’. As an outcome, it’s a polite expression that you have the right to use when you have actually some expectations around meeting this perboy. 

If you want this expression to be a tiny bit even more polite, you have the right to incorporate it through other phrases from this list. Below tright here are some phrase frameworks and also some examples that you deserve to use:

+ escuchaperform sobre +

Hola, Claudia, he escuchaperform mucho sobre tiHi, Claudia, I’ve heard so much about you

Mucho gusto, señora, he escuchacarry out mucho sobre ustedNice to accomplish you, ma’am, I have actually heard so a lot around you

Bienvenidas, hemos escuchaperform mucho sobre ustedes, chicasBienvenidas, hemos escuchado mucho sobre ustedes, girls

Take Note: With this expression, the verb haber demands to be conjugated depending upon the speaker (the perkid saying the phrase). Furthermore, the prepositional pronoun requirements to enhance the person that you’re talking to.

5. Qué tal – How carry out you do?

Even though you might not be acquainted through it, qué tal is a prevalent expression that Spanish speakers usage to say ‘nice to accomplish you’. As with ‘mucho gusto’, this expression have the right to be provided in both formal and casual conversations.  

In addition, if you want, you have the right to combine this expression through various other phrases from the list. Here are some examples: 

Qué tal, soy Sergio, encantaperform de conocerteHow perform you do? I’m Sergio, pleased to accomplish you

Persona 1: Susy, te presento a mi novio.Human being 1: Susy, this my boyfriend
Persona 2: ¡Qué tal! ¿Anattracted, verdad?Human being 2: How carry out you do? Andrew, right?

Take Note: In other contexts, qué tal have the right to likewise be provided as a means to say hello in Spanish. Keep this interpretation in mind so you don’t gain puzzled. 

Wrapping Up

If you’re discovering Spanish, it’s extremely most likely that you will certainly accomplish various other speakers. Thus, you have to know what to say when world introduce themselves or a friend introduces you to someone else. For that factor, in this article, I’ve compiled a list of 5 prevalent means to say nice to satisfy you in Spanish. 

As a quick reminder, here are the expressions we’ve learned:

Mucho gustoEncantaperform de conocerteEs un placerHe escuchaperform mucho sobre tiQué tal

Even though every one of these phrases are the exact same semantically, save in mind that their level of formality varies. So, prior to you use them, make certain you select the ideal alternative for your instance. 

Now that you recognize what to say, you’re ready to go out there and also start meeting new Spanish speakers. ¡Buena suerte!