i'm creating a examine log, and i desire to filter it by examining by myself or via others. for the "by myself" category, i initially put "por mí mismo" but my frifinish argued making use of "solo" (or would it be "sola" if i'm female?)

which word/phrase is best? many thanks :)


Thanks! I’m trying to usage the shortest one because I have actually numerous columns, so do you think “sola” would be excellent enough?

I think you have it the other method roughly.

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For example, “Es hecho por mí” = “it’s made by me” “Es hecho para mí” = “it’s created me”

“Por” deserve to suppose “for,” you’re best, however “para” always means for. It have the right to never expect “by” as much as I have the right to think.

To respond to the OP, I think your frifinish is ideal in his suggestion. I think “por mí mismo” deserve to be ambiguous because it has the connotation of you doing it for your advantage.

For instance, “lo hice por mí mismo, no por ti” = “I did it for myself, not for you.” (No definition of “by myself” here!)

It can be supplied to suppose “by myself,” but you might as well just then use the proper word for that: alone.

“estudianperform solo” / “estudiando con otros” Or even “estudianperform acompañado” if you wanna have both phrases be simply 2 words.

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