Here you will learn just how to say the members of the family in French (les membres de la famille). If you ever travel to France you will certainly quickly uncover that household values are exceptionally important to the French people. These vocab lists cover the immediate family, extended household, certain words for measures and in-legislations and also words concerning fostering, household trees and also genealogy.

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In French, “les parents” means both paleas and also loved ones. Hence, “J’ai des parents à Marseille” would certainly analyze to “I have actually relatives in Marseille.

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Immediate Family

father le pèremom la mèreson le filsdaughter la fillebrother le frère sister la soeurhusband le mariwife la femme, l’épousehusband l’époux, le mari

Extfinished Family

grandparents les grand-parentsgrandfather le grand-pèregrandmother la grand-mèregreat-grandfather l’arrière-grand-pèregreat-grandmother l’arrière-grand-mèregrandchildren les petits-enfantsgrandson le petit-filsgranddaughter la petite-filleuncle l’oncleaunt la tantegreat-uncle le grand-onclegreat-aunt la grand-tantenephew le neveuniece la niècemale cousin le cousinfemale cousin la cousine

In-regulations & Tip Family

When describing family members by marriage, the French do not differentiate in between in-regulations and step. For instance, le beau-père implies both father-in-regulation and step-father. La belle-famille describes the in-regulations.

parents-in-law les beaux-parentsfather-in-regulation, step-father le beau-pèremother-in-law, step-mother la belle-mèreson-in-regulation, step-son le beau-filsdaughter-in-legislation, step-daughter la belle-fillehalf-brother le demi-frèrehalf-sister la demi-soeur

Special French Family Words

French has actually some distinct family terms which are crucial to learn.

l’aîné – As a noun, l’ainé(e) indicates eldest kid. As an adjective it suggests ‘older than’ or ‘your senior’.

Marie est l’ainee de la famille. Elle a 35 ans. Marie is the eldest kid in the family. She’s 35 years-old.Joseph est mon aîné de cinq ans. Joseph is 5 years older than me.

Le cadet – As a noun, le cadet/la cadette suggests the youngest son. As an adjective, it implies younger. Le cadet deserve to additionally describe the second-born kid.

Notre cadet habite encore à la maikid. Our youngest son still resides at house.Ma soeur cadette s’appelle Julie. My younger sister’s name is Julie.

Le benjamin – Le benjamin/la benjamine additionally describes the youngest child in the family members.

Sophie est la benjamine de la famille : elle n’a que trois ans. Sophie is the youngest in the family. She’s just three years-old.

Adchoice & Fostering

adoptive fatherpère adoptifadoptive mothermère adoptivebiological parents – les parents biologiquesbiological father le père biologiquebiological motherla mère biologiquefoster familyla famille d’accueilfoster motherla mère de la famille d’accueilfoster fatherle père de la famille d’accueilgodfather le parraingodmommy la marrainegodson le filleulgoddaughter la filleule

just how to introduce family members

This my wife. Je vous présente ma femme.This is my husband. Je vous présente mon mari.These are my children. Je vous présente mes enfants.This is my daugher/son. Je vous présente ma fille/mon fils.This is my sister/brvarious other. Je vous présente ma soeur/mon frère.This is my mother/father. Je vous présente mon père/ma mère.

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Genealogy and Distant Relatives

Want to take things a little further? Here’s a short list of words extending terms for distant family members and also ancestry terms.

genealogy la généalogiedirect line of descent la filiationfamily members tree un arbre généalogiqueancestry, bloodline, lineage l’ascendance (f)generation une générationancestors les ancêtres, les aïeuxfar-off relative un(e) parent(e) éloigné(e)relationship, kinship la parentéfirst cousin un(e) cousin(e) germainsecond cousin un(e) cousin(e) issu de germainwhen removed au deuxième degrépaternal (adj) paternel(le)maternal (adj) maternel(le)DNA le ANDRelated lessons:More resources: