In the 3rd situation, I assume tiempo is construed. What I don"t obtain is the attribute of the word dura (hard). Looking up the interpretation of dura provides me eexceptionally even more perplexed.

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Those are two equivalent versions. “Cuánto” suggests literally “how much”, so to ask “how long” we say “cuánto tiempo” (“how a lot time”), and also when the context makes the noun redundant we drop it simply favor an English speaker would:

¿Cuánto dura?

¿Cuánto cuesta?

¿Cuánto pesa?

¿Cuánt hay de ... a ...? (note the usage of the masculine develop as neutral)

I often hear “qué” used instead of “cuánto”, yet it"s not as literal and it may depend on wbelow you are.


How long in certain contexts deserve to likewise be translated as desde cuándo, such as How long have actually you resided in Massachusetts?: ¿Desde cuánexecute vives en Massachusetts? (in enhancement to ¿Cuánto tiempo has actually vivido en Masachusetts?)

(I"m ignoring right here the other definition of how long, as in How lengthy is your flagpole?)


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