I desire to impress my spanish teacher by informing him a joke in spanish and also his favorite type of joke is a knock-knock joke.

but i require one!!!

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They might not exist...but you might make one. When I say make, I intend to english to spanish type of thing, I"m sure the teacher would certainly more than likely still appreciate the idea.

Golpear - to strike (i"ve heard it provided as "to knock" like knock on the door)

SO, I"m certain you can say something prefer, "Golpea, golpea...." I expect, it kind of sounds funny, yet hey it"s a joke, it must be funny right?

http://www.slrfc.org/answers/118907/what-would-a-spanish-knock-knock-joke-be#a876262 - jaquinde, JUL 9, 2015

"Toc, toc"

"¿Quien es?"

"El Conde"

"¿El que?"

"¡El que te la mete y se esconde!"

duh! (actually took me a while)


Really? I would certainly. As lengthy it"s in great humor there"s absolutely nopoint wrong with a dirty joke. My mommy always told me that cursing was a perfectly acceptable method of communication as long as your intent is not harmful. - jeezzle

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I agree through your statement but I take into consideration it my individual mission to loosen human being up. My roommate is a fundie and also it drives me nuts. However as Heidita has shelp not to short article the joke, I will certainly comply and also follow the rules. - jeezzle, DIC 16, 2009