I"m a total beginner and also I"d prefer to cover one of the Dativpräpositionen basics in Gerguy.

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Which of the following sentences is the many correct and also finish develop of saying "I am going to Anna"s house"?

Ich gehe bei Anna nach Hause. Ich gehe zu Anna nach Hause.

Or is namong the over sentences correct?


The preplace to in to go to someone/something is (usually) translated as zu or nach, depending on the target. Tright here were already fairly a few question on that, which have to completely answer your question.

The last question is actually similar to your incredibly question.

Correct is:

Ich gehe zu jemandem nach Hausage.

You also find some examples in Duden.



If you wanna say I am going to Anna"s residence, you say :

Ich gehe zu Annas Haus.

Or sindicate :

Ich gehe zu Anna.

I am going to correct your sentence in number 1. It have to be :

Ich bin bei Anna (zu Hause).

It means that you are at her home.



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