In U.S. tomorrow is Halloween. Your kids or you yourself might have actually been looking forward to the Halloween as it’s such a distinct day to dress up in costumes and also go around for tick-or-dealing with.

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When my children were younger, I offered to have actually just as a lot fun as the children by watching how kids and also adults dress up so nicely on Halloween day. Of course watching kids gaining excited over candy was one more component. No matter what the Northwest weather could be, Halloween has actually been among those events that youngsters wouldn’t miss for anypoint.

Today’s lesson is all about the Halloween. Below are some Halloween connected vocabulary that I have built up. Enjoy!

Happy Halloween – ハッピーハロウィン or 素敵な ハロウィン を 過ごしてね、すてきな ハロウィン を すごしてね。 sutekina Halloween o sugoshite ne

Costume – 仮装、かそう Kaso

To wear costume – 仮装する、かそうする、Kaso suru

Ghost – お化け、おばけ, obake

Trick-or-dealing with – トリック オアー トリート (I don’t believe there is a word for this in Japanese..)

Halloween Party -ハロウィン パーティー

Candy-飴、あめ、ame or キャンディー

Scary- 怖い、こわい、kowai

Trick- 悪戯、いたずら、itazura



To carve – 刳り貫く、くりぬく、kurinuku

To carve the pumpkin- 南瓜を刳り貫く、かぼちゃをくりぬく、kabocha o kurinuku

What are you going to be for Halloween?

ハロウィン には 何に なるの? (ハロウィン には なにに なるの?)

Halloween ni wa nani ni naruno?

I will be a ghold.

僕は お化けに なるよ。(ぼくは おばけに なるよ。)

Boku wa obake ni naruyo.

That will be scary.

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それは 怖そうだね。(それは こわそうだね。)

Sorewa kowasou dane

Would you favor to go trick-or-treating via me?

私と 一緒に トリック オアー トリート に行かない?

(わたしと いっしょに トリック オアー トリート に いかない?)

Watashi to isshoni trick or treat ni ikanai?

I would certainly love to go via you. Let’s go acquire numerous candies!

是非 一緒に 行きたい。キャンディ 沢山 貰ってこよう!

(ぜひ いっしょに いきたい。キャンディ たくさん もらってこよう)

Zehi isshoni ikitai! Candy takusan moratte koyou!

I hope everyone will gain the Halloween. Don’t eat too much candies. At least that’s what I would certainly be informing my youngsters all night.