The Japanese language has actually many different words for motion. There’re different words for once you’re going under something, over things, back to something, and so on Today you’ll learn exactly how to say let’s go in Japanese.

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But the goodness won’t soptimal there!

I’ll show you some other ways to say go, such as the various forms I discussed in the arrival. I’ll likewise share through you some more formal versions of “to go” and also some various other words that are supplied to go in or out of locations.

How To Say Let’s Go In Japanese

The initially thing that we have actually go over is the Japanese word for “to go.” The dictionary develop of it is 行く (iku).

Then we can adjust the verb right into its volitional create which is supplied to expush one’s will certainly in taking an action. This will certainly readjust the word to 行こう (ikou) which means “will go” once analyzed straight, but it is also the develop that is supplied to make the idea “let’s go.”

「夕里子、外に行こう」“yuriko, soto ni ikou”“Yuriko, let’s go outside”

This is the casual form of the verb, so you’ll probably hear it offered the majority of regularly between friends or civilization that are part of the same group and also of the same social standing, such as classmates or coworkers.

いいね映画、行こう行こう!ii ne eiga, ikou ikou!A movie sounds great! Let’s go, allows go!

If you wanted to say it in a much more polite method, you would certainly adjust it to 行きましょう (ikimashou). It implies the exact same thing, but it’s more formal and also have the right to be supplied via people you’re not as familiar with.

今度、食べに行きましょう。kondo, tabe ni ikimashou.Let’s (go) grab a bite to eat following time.

If you’ve ever before played a Mario game on Nintendo, then you’ve no doubt heard his catch expression “let’s go!” at some allude. In Japanese, this is actually a borrowed expression that comes directly from English.

レッツゴー!rettsu gou!Let’s go!

Tbelow are most Japanese words taken directly from English, so it’s finest to store an eye out for them.

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That’s all for the basic means to say “let’s go.” If you’re interested in seeing some of the more formal creates of this verb, or some of the related words such as “go residence, go under, and so on.” then keep on reading to learn them.

Formal Ways to Say Go

When it concerns speaking formally in Japanese, there are generally 2 paths that you deserve to take. The initially one is to usage words that reduced your own position.

These are well-known as the “humble” develop of verbs and words and also the basic concept is that you are elevating the position of the perchild you’re speaking to instraight by lowering your own.

These are the types of words that are typically offered by employees in the direction of customers, or maids and butlers in the direction of their understand.

The humble Japanese word for “to go” is 参る (mairu). The amazing point is that this word can likewise be offered to say “to come” and so the meaning deserve to adjust depending upon the case.

では、参りましょう 。de wa, mairimashou.Well then, let us go madam (my good sir).

The other way to show respect in the Japanese language is to use words that directly elevate the listener’s place. These are recognized as honorific words and they are an extra straight way than humble words to show that you think about a person to be above you in whatever instance you discover yourself in.

Aobtain, these are the words that are likely to be used by organization civilization or anyone who is helping a customer. The dictionary form of the word is いらっしゃる (irassharu) and equivalent to the initially word we learned in this section, it have the right to also suppose “to come” as well as “to go”.

You’ve probably heard this word provided in a set phrase prior to once customers enter a shopkeeper’s save.


If you wanted to conjigate this verb to say “let’s go” you would certainly perform so by changing it to either いらっしゃろう (irassharou) or いらっしゃりましょう (irassharimashou). However, I’ve never before actually heard or watched either of these two words offered prior to.

You have the right to find them on conjugation tables prefer this one to watch that the develops carry out exist, yet that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that civilization actually use them in real life.

Other Types of Going


Now it’s Time to Go Do Somepoint Else

Wow, we extended a lot of various ways to say “go” in Japanese!

What began out as a straightforward journey to learn one phrase has turned into a master course on activity in Japanese!

Lol, OK not really.

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