This time we will certainly talk around methods just how to say friend in Russian. Tbelow are a couple of names for them depending upon how cshed people are to each other. Read the article and you will learn when it’s correct to speak to somebody your friend or not!So just how to say friend in Russian? The the majority of commonly provided words for describing people close to you are «знакомый», «приятель» and «друг».

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I put them in ascfinishing order.

We deserve to say that somebody is «знакомый» («знакомая» for females and also «знакомые» for a team of people), which implies favor an ‘acquaintance’, as soon as we haven’t spent a lot of time together. In a lot of instances it indicates that we haven’t proceeded also far from being acquainted. The word ‘acquaintance’ derives from ‘to gain acquainted’ in English, the very same is in Russian: the word «знакомый» derives from «знакомство» which additionally suggests ‘the initially meeting’.


To end up being your friend a cat has just to… be.

The following way exactly how to say friend in Russian is to contact somebody «приятель» («приятельница» for women). It indicates that someone is your frifinish, but you still would certainly not call them ‘friend’ because you feel choose you haven’t come to be close sufficient, also if you obtain on well and also like each various other.

The factor for this is because once Russians contact somebody ‘a friend’, we 500% intend it. If someone is a frifinish to us, that at least means that

a) we have actually well-known each various other for a pair of years minimum, b) we have got heavily drunk together at leastern when, c) we have actually hung out at each other’s dwellings, d) we have had actually long thoughtful conversations around life while being sober, e) we have actually shared some tricks, d) we have actually had actually bit run-ins and still our friendship has actually survived.

Way too many criteria, aren’t there?

That’s why we take all this Facebook plan about calling eincredibly various other acquaintance ‘friends’ a tiny little bit skeptically. You are lucky if you have two or three true friends. Or one.

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Oh! Almost forgot to tell you how to say friend in Russian. A friend in Russian is «друг», for female friends we say «подруга» or «подружка».

Ok, I hope this one helps! Take care and don’t forgain to make brand-new friends subscribe!

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