In English, the word "could" deserve to be offered to politely ask for something, to talk about being able to perform somepoint or to express possibility. How is this done in Spanish? Find out with our handy guide!

Lesson“Could” is one of the the majority of widespread and also versatile modal verbs in English. This word have the right to be supplied to askfor somepoint nicely, to expush capability in past tense, and additionally to talk about probability.

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“Poder” is the Spanish verb we usage to analyze “could”, and also its conjugation will depfinish on thetense and the communicative function, which implies “could” could appear in 5 different tenses:simple present, easy past, previous steady, conditional, and past subjunctive. Let’s see just how tousage it appropriately in every one of them.

Note: While in English, to express capacity or possibility we have actually the alternatives of "have the right to / could"and also "to be able to", in Spanish the verb "poder" is mainly provided for both of these expressions.



“Could” in conditional: podría

“Poder” is supplied in the conditional to:

Ask formal questions and also provide advice in a polite method. For example:

“Could” in easy past: pude

This conjugation is used to:

Talk around an activity in the past that took location after an attempt.

“Could” in previous subjunctive: pudiera

This conjugation is provided as soon as an expression requires the subjunctive, however is in the past:

(There’s a slight opportunity for them to readjust their minds)

With the purpose of softening an expression, conditional "podría" can likewise be provided.

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"Maybe" / “Could be”

If we answer a question through "maybe" or “might be” to express opportunity, depending on thecertainty level, we have the right to usage poder in the existing indicative (highest certainty), conditional, orprevious subjunctive (lowest certainty).

Now that you've learned about exactly how to express "could" in Spanish, why not exercise by checking outour exercises?