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Meaning: a son, a son, an infant


Part of speech: noun (masculine noun. In some instances, the plural create "дети" is provided instead of "ребята". It originates from the synonym "дитя".)Rank: #162 (check out frequency list)

A boy having actually breakfast. Painting by Amalia Lindgren.
Ребёнок кре́пко спит.A kid is sound asleep.Мать игра́ет с ребёнком.A mother is playing with the boy.Ната́лья родила́ ребёнка.Natalia gave birth to a baby.Де́вушка де́ржит ребёнка на рука́х.A girl holds a kid on her hands.Он спит, как ма́ленький ребёнок.He sleeps favor a small baby.Переста́нь вести́ себя́ как ребёнок.Speak behaving actually favor a son.Ребя́та игра́ют во дворе́.Kids are playing in the yard.У вас е́сть де́ти?Do you have children? (polite or plural)

= a childмалы́ш = a babyребяти́шки = children, children (diminutive plural)ребя́тки = children, kids (diminutive plural)ребёночек = a small kid (diminutive singular)
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