First of all, I am conscious of this threview experimenting “back in the day.” However before, I feel that “back then” is slightly various.

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I am wondering if tright here is a significant distinction in meaning and/or usage in between the complying with (the last one seems to be scarce):

en ese entoncesen aquel entoncesen aquel momentoen aquella épocaa la sazón

My answer is written from the allude of see of a transplant living (previously) in Mexico.

en ese entonces, en aquel entonces: I would certainly usage these in conversation, to clarify that at a particular suggest in time, I wasn"t conscious of such-and-so yet. "¿Cómo podíamos entregar ese laboratorio a tiempo si en el momento de hacer el experimento, la maestra no nos había dacarry out el formato bien bien?" "No, pues no, en aquel entonces no nos había dicho todavía cómo había que hacer los informes de laboratorio para su clase."

en aquel momento, en ese momento: I would use this for an action that arisen (or didn"t occur) at an extra pinpointed time. Cenicienta salió corrienexecute cuancarry out dieron las doce. En ese momento el príncipe se dio cuenta que se había enamorado de ella, y empezó a hacer sus planes para busvehicle a la jstove por todas partes del reino.

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Personally I tend to integrate like this: aquel entonces, ese momento, maybe bereason "ese entonces" has the final E gliding right into the initial E, which is a little troublesome (for me at least). For the same reason I tend not to say "esa época" as much as "aquella época."

en aquella época: this is for a basic description of a period of time, whether historic or in a person"s life. En aquella época se permitía fumar en el cine.

a la sazón: I see that dictionaries offer an interpretation similar to the over phrases. But previously, I just knew this through the definition "conpresently," "at the same time as" or "in addition to." The way I thought of it in my mind -- and also this might be entirely off base -- was that once you acquire a surpclimbing coincidence, it feels kind of spicy. Example from La Comisión recibió a la sazón otras denuncias de obstáculos a la comercialización en Dinamarca de productos alimenticios con <...> | At the same time, various other complaints were getting to the Commission denouncing obstacles to the marketing in Denmark of foodstuffs <...>