The greatest difficulty with clouds is that you’re never before going to gain them to present up when you require them to. There’s regularly a level limit on clouds, and if you have clouds on the left then you’ll should clear dots on the ideal to gain more.

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Clouds deserve to be damaged with erasers, bombs, gem blasts, or various other cloud zaps. However, the major method to clear clouds is to put two of them on the very same row — the moment tright here are 2 (or more) clouds on the exact same row, they’ll zap themselves out of existence.

A cloud zap will hit slime, ice, balls, or beetles one time, no issue just how many kind of clouds you clear on a single row. One zap will also clear an anchor or all the background from cloud to cloud.


Level 776: five clouds, each of which has slime behind it, hemmed in by trapdoors. There’s also water. So this level is pretty complicated.


Level 778: you can watch wright here I cleared two clouds, and the continues to be of the zap. Tbelow are so many poor screenshots of this on my phone that I may have filled my SD card.


Clearing clouds is all around making certain you get enough of them to satisfy the goal. It’s much less complicated if you do this at the top of the display than at the bottom. However before, if you have actually other goals to satisfy, you’ll have to decide what’s the majority of tough — and this might take a couple of tries.

Remember to balance your clouds on the left and also ideal sides so that you don’t waste moves generating them.

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