When I first got to China, I didn’t recognize just how to greet civilization. I wanted to simply say “excellent morning” in Chinese to my co-employees at Groupon (then referred to as Gaopeng), and also didn’t recognize how!

Saying “Good evening” in Chinese was an extra rare need, yet a vital one once I was meeting clients.

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Note: this post is around exactly how to say “great morning” and also “good evening” in Chinese (by which I mean Mandarin, as it’s spoken in Mainland also China and Taiwan). The umbrella term Chinese consists of many type of other languages, including Cantonese as the major various other spoken language. For a discussion of the definition of the word “Chinese” check out Being and Speaking Chinese.


In most social instances greeting civilization in Chinese in the evening you commonly simply say nǐ hǎo. It’s really useful!

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