As one of cycling’s leading apps, Strava likewise offers its customers through a handy calorie respond to to calculate their workout initiatives in the create of calories burned.

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For those who aren’t as acquainted through calorie counting, calories meacertain the energy that you produce or “burn” throughout a certain activity. They’re especially beneficial for those wanting to monitor all at once power output and also power expenditure from a offered workout.

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How exact is Strava’s calorie counter?


Strava supplies a number of factors to identify your power output throughout a ride or run to produce an estimated number of calories burned.

Now estimated is the keyword right here.

Strava’s capabilities to perform this should get you in the ballpark of a realistic number, however the app can’t always account for eextremely variable that may skew your initiatives.

For instance, group rides wbelow you are drifting and making use of much less energy outcomes in Strava overestimating your actual calories shed.

Equally so, Strava won’t know if you’re riding directly right into a headwind for the majority of your ride. It likely underestimates your calories melted tright here.

Some individuals have compared Strava’s interior calorie respond to with other external power meters, and the outcomes differ. Some rides have been spot-on, and some have been a little bit off.

Keeping that in mind, gaining some idea of your energy expenditure is never a poor principle.

How carry out you put up Strava to present calories burned?

If you’re new to Strava, you likely missed these following numerous measures to ensure that Strava is recording your power output.

Check to check out that your body weight and also your bike design are tape-recorded within the application.

Other customers have noted that including a couple of extra pounds to your personal body weight (to account for shoes, helmet, water bottles, and also other gear) increases Strava’s accuracy of calories shed.

From either Strava’s mobile variation or the desktop computer variation, go to:

My Profile > Weight >Input weight in pounds


From the desktop computer version just, go to:

Settings > My Gear > My Bikes >Input bike kind, brand also, and also weight


And that’s it! Strava supplies your weight, bike’s weight, distance extended, and elevation got to produce an as a whole power output to assist calculate estimated calories shed.

If you choose to run rather than bike, Strava still calculates calories shed. Instead, it supplies your body weight, speed, and relocating time to do so.

When viewing your post-ride or post-run statistics, you’ll view your calories burned in the bottom right corner.


And maybe the best component around Strava’s calorie respond to is that you don’t need the paid, premium version of the app. Enjoy this perk for free!

Does adding a power meter boost Strava’s calorie counting accuracy?

The quick answer is yes.

Regardless of your activity, among the most reputable and accurate ways to recognize metabolic energy expenditure is to use a power meter.

You can typically connect the sensor to your bike’s crank arm, pedal, rear hub, or crank spindle. In enhancement to the in its entirety distance traveled, this setup directly measures your force produced to propel the bike forward.

By providing Strava this fine-tuned information coming straight from a sensor constructed specifically to meacertain your cycling efforts, you’re guaranteed a much more precise estimation of calories burned.

Does Strava’s calorie indevelopment sync to various other linked health and fitness apps?

Strava’s interchallenge supports sharing indevelopment in between a variety of other health and wellness and fitness apps, such as Samsung Health, Google Fit, ROUVY, and also the Apple Health App. This is not an exhaustive list, and also not every one of these sharing capabilities job-related for iOS and also Android, though.

If you’re working via an Android tool, you can easily pair the Samsung Health and Google Fit apps through Strava.

If wanting to attach through the Apple Health App, grab your iOS tool and head to Strava’s mobile app to set that up.

Open your settings from the gear icon:

Select Applications, Services, and also Devices > Health > Select the plus sign icon > Connect.

From right here, you’ll be directed to the Health Access page, wright here you can enable information sharing from Strava.


Wrapping Up

If you’re looking to obtain an idea of the full calories burned from a workout, your ideal bet is to usage an exterior power meter that adds more accurate information to your logged workouts in Strava.

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If you forego the additional cost of purchasing a power meter, Strava does have its very own internal capabilities. Just store in mind that the calories burned are a true estimate – Strava’s best guess of how difficult you operated.