Eilis Lacey is the major character of this coming-of age novel. Eilis is a girl that we have the right to all relate to in some method or an additional. As the web page count becomes greater and also better, so does the amount of battles that Eilis deals with. Eilis is about 19 or two decades old. She is from Enniscorthy, Ireland also, a little town wright here everybody knows everything around everyone. Eilis is a plain and also easy girl. She is smart and also fairly quiet. She spends her time examining publications on bookkeeping and bookkeeping.

Eilis is not very glamorous, or at leastern she doesn’t feel glamorous. She stays ago in the shadow of her charismatic sister Rose but does not mind flying under the radar. She admires her sister and also aspires to be like her, if only she kbrand-new how. When Eilis is fairly compelled lovingly by her mother and also sister to go to America for occupational and a much better life, Eilis feels lost. She concerns aimlessly around what her new life will be choose, till one day she refsupplies herself from worrying anymore. She decides that she need to remain solid and appear excited so that her mom and also sister won’t issue as a lot for her exit. Eilis is caring. She cares about her household via her thoughts and also actions. She tries to make them laugh and smile because they are her human being.

When Eilis leaves for Brooklyn, she is undoubtedly scared. She suffers from seasickness and homesickness, but never tells her household ago home because she refprovides to issue them. Eilis may show up solid and independent, but inside she is soft and also fragile and also faces pain simply as any type of other perkid would. Eilis suffers from sadness and also homesickness however always strives to stay strong until she finally feels strong with her surroundings.Eilis is a hard worker and also has her priorities in inspect. She functions all day in Bartocci’s department save and also at night she takes accountancy classes at Brooklyn College. She conserves money, and also takes her job and college occupational exceptionally seriously. She desires to attain the Amerideserve to Dream and promise of a bbest and thriving future.

When Eilis falls for Tony, it takes a while for her to let her guard dvery own. When she ultimately permits herself to loss in love via no regrets, she lives a life of happiness. What girl wouldn’t be happy with an exceptional boyfriend? Tony’s love helps Eilis in methods she never knew can be true. As she falls deeper in love via Tony, she falls deeper in love via Brooklyn, her brand-new home.

Eilis loses her sister and also drops acomponent. She grieves, she cries, she breaks dvery own. But she puts herself together again. She’s ssuggest remarkable. Eilis is a character that is constantly changing and adapting to her surroundings. She has actually this inner voice informing her to press forward. She is remarkably solid yet sensitive, charming yet stern.

When she goes earlier to visit Ireland also, Eilis is a changed woguy. She is no much longer the ordinary, bland girl she used to be. She is confident, beautiful, and also visibly different. She’s American. Moving to America has aided Eilis to thrive right into a stronger woman. She has actually learned to love herself and also others. The city life has actually rejuvenated her senses and her romance with Tony has actually rejuvenated her heart. But when she falls for one more man in Enniscorthy, be all set to feel disappointed in her. (How might she do this to Tony?!) Eilis falls in and out of love only to realize her true commitment to her life in Brooklyn. She is a womale who knows wbelow her future belongs. She’s committed and relentmuch less and solid.

Tony Fiorello

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Tony is my favorite character. Sorry Eilis I love you as well girl, but gosh I simply love this man Tony. Maybe it’s because I have actually a thing for Italian men. Maybe it’s bereason Tony is simply a finish and also utter sweetheart. Either means, don’t be surprised if you discover yourself falling for this male.

Tony is a light-hearted, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Italian gem through a heart of pure gold. He originates from bit money but functions difficult as a phardwood. He sweeps Eilis off her feet and also they plunge themselves into a whirlwind romance. He’s crazy around irish girls, specifically Eilis. He’s more into her than she is right into him however he doesn’t mind. He’s a gentleman and also never pressures Eilis to perform anypoint. He treats her through respect and treats everyone about him via treatment and generosity. He virtually never gets mad and deserve to always be seen with a smile on his confront. Tony is solid and also sweet. Smart and also goofy. Romantic and perfect. He helps Eilis through any obstacle in her way and mirrors her unconditional love. Tony is just one of those characters that is nearly difficult to hate.

Rose Lacey

Rose is Eilis’s older sister. She is a charismatic and beautiful womale that defies sex stereokinds of a womale in the 1950s. She is thirty years old and still resides at home to take care of her mother and also Eilis. Rose holds the home together… and pays the bill with her high quality office job. She’s single and doesn’t require a male to feel beautiful and also fulfilled in her life. You go Rose! Rose sacrifices so much for Eilis. She allows Eilis go to America bereason she wants her to live an amazing life of chance, even if this means Rose should continue to be behind in Enniscorthy watching over her mother and also never being able to marry. Rose is prefer a mother to Eilis. Rose is incredibly instrumental of Eilis however just bereason she wants the ideal for her baby sis.

Rose is possibly one of the strongest characters bereason she is beyond selfmuch less. She dies of a heart condition. She knew for a while around her condition and also kbrand-new she would die but refsupplied to tell anyone bereason she didn’t want to problem anyone. Her and also Eilis are aprefer in the feeling that they constantly attempt to appear strong. Rose ongoing to live her life to the fullest doing the points she loves like going to job-related and playing golf. One night, she inevitably died in her sleep. Her ability to reprimary solid and show up fearless while she was alive shows that she is an outstanding huguy being and also a woman that acted out of the goodness and toughness within her heart. She motivated those roughly her and also specifically her sister Eilis.

Mrs. Kehoe


Mrs. Kehoe is type of a biotch. But you gotta love her. She’s an older Irish womale who owns the house that Eilis lodges in. She is bitter and also snippy but just because her awful husband also left her many type of years back. She is still a little heartbroken. She follows her old-fashioned Catholic-Irish worths and complies with a regime schedule. She expects a lot from Eilis. And she favors Eilis out of all the various other girls that live in the residence. She uses Eilis the finest bedroom in the house and also watches after her via caring eye.

Mrs. Kehoe is strict as soon as it comes to boys and also does not want them in the residence or pointed out in any kind of discussions at the dinner table. She has actually an interemainder for fashion. Mrs. Kehoe is sort of lovable yet sort of unlikable at the very same time. She’s simply among those human being who’s constantly switching it up on you. But I believe that her varying personality traits reaveal that deep down she is a loving and caring womale that is sindicate masked by her damaged heart and also pain of being left by her husband also. Mrs. Kehoe is misinterpreted but she has actually a method of mirroring her true colors in eexceptionally instance. She only wants the ideal for herself and also the girls, also though she can not favor to admit it.

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She plays a role in Eilis’s new life in Brooklyn and helps shape her right into the woguy she was destined to end up being.