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Temperature Control This area is around killing germs through food preparation and stopping their expansion by keeping the food warm or cold. This is calledtemperature control, and also your restaurant requirements at least one specific metal-stem probe (food) thermometer to examine food temperatures. The "Danger Zone" Germs choose bacteria require time, food and also moisture to flourish.The temperature between 41°F(5°C) and 135°F(57°C) is called the "Danger Zone!" When food sits in the"Danger Zone", bacteria have the right to thrive quick and also make toxins that can make you and others sick. When to Discard Food Foods left in the Danger Zone for more than four hours should be discarded. Reheating the food may kill the bacteria yet the toxins (created by bacteria) will certainly remajor in the product and also reason illness. Cooking Food Cooking raw food to the correct temperature will kill germs that cause civilization to come to be sick. When is Cooked Food Safe? Different foods need to reach different temperatures to be done or safe. Ask your manager to show you a temperature chart for cooking meats(check out recommendation in back of this manual). Be sure to cook the food to the temperature that is shown on the chart. Remember You can choose several methods to prepare food. No matter exactly how you cook the food, it should reach the correct food preparation temperature. Using a metal-stem probe thermometer is the just way to understand the correct temperature of food. You need to location the thermometer in the thickest component of the meat or in the center to gain a true analysis. Cold Holding Always keep cold food at 41°F(5°C) or colder. Fish, shellfish, poultry, milk and also red meat will certainly stay fresh much longer if you host them cold at 41°F(5°C) or colder. Hot Holding After the food is cooked and also prepared to serve, you will certainly should save it warmth sufficient to soptimal any type of germs from growing. You must rotate on steam tables, soup warmers and heated surencounters prior to you need them so that they will be hot enough as soon as you put the cooked food into them. Keep warm food at 135°F or hotter. Keep it Hot Stir food to assist store the food on top warm. A cover on the pan helps to store the warmth inside. Keep it Cold Food being held cold on the top area of a refrigerated preparation unit likewise benefits from being spanned.Salad Bar TemperaturesRules for salad bar temperatures have the right to vary.

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Salad bars have to be preserved at #SaladBarTemp# °F or below.
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