James Franco doesn’t constantly endorse presidential candidays, yet when he does they’re extraordinary. The actor and also filmmaker is officially backing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election.

In a 30-second video, a play off the Dos Equis beer “Most Interelaxing Man in the World” campaign, Franco describes why she’s the ideal candiday for the presidency while old photos and also videos of Clinton appearon display.

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“The smartest male in the room is constantly her,” Franco starts. “After she opens up a deserve to of whoop-ass she constantly recycles the have the right to. Her trick business code name is Hermione bereason she is a f**cking wizard…She’s the a lot of interesting woguy in the people.”

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The ad was released by EMILY’s List WOMEN VOTE!, Top Priorities USA, and Schlep Laps. In a statement, Franco said that Clinton has actually led an impressive life and also, “It is not a stretch to explain her as ‘the most exciting woguy in the world. I gained involved in this task bereason I wanted even more people, specifically younger human being, to acquire to recognize an extrasimple woguy that has, through a life time a job-related, earned our trust and also support.”

Franco joins the lengthy list of celebrities endorsing Clinton including Katy Perry, Lena Dunham, Robert De Niro, Jay Z, Ellen DeGeneres and many type of more.

Check out Franco’s video below

Vote wisely my friends.

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