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Players are heartbreakers who deceptively pursue numerous romantic partners at when. Make a playlist of pop, rock, nation, and R&B songs about guys that are players.

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Players Treat Love as a High-Stakes Game

Some guys search for love and also a lasting commitment, while others method romance as a high-stakes game. Players initially love bomb their targets using compliments, presents, and also attention that is too excellent to be true.

Before the unsuspecting gal knows it, she's crying, wondering what went wrong, and also eating an entire quart of triple cacao Häagen-Dazs as he leaves for more challenging conquests. Players demonstrate the finesse to manipulate others and also the ability to make their targets believe it wasn't really simply around sex all along. (In the finish, however, players finish up lonely if they don't readjust their means.)

Perhaps you're a player. Or possibly you've been the targain of one. Whatever the instance, make a playlist of pop, rock, nation, and also R&B songs about womanizing guys.

1. "Mambo No. 5" by Lou Bega

The male in this warm 1999 mambo and also jazz song calls flirting a sport, and then he proceeds to name names. (Yes, those dirty dogs not only break hearts but likewise kiss and also tell!) The sexy tune is chock complete of energy, and this make out artist provides it to name examine his ideal girls: Angela, Pamela, Sandra and Rita, Monica, Erica, Tina, Mary, and Jessica.

Lou Bega added lyrics to a mambo melody written by Cuban musician Dámaso Pérez Pracarry out and consisted of the names of his own previous girlfriends. "Mambo No. 5" was a global number one hit other than for the USA, wbelow it peaked at #3 on the US Billboard Hot 100, the mainstream pop chart. Due to the fact that it was Bega's just hit to reach the Top 40, he ended up being a one-hit wonder.

2. "Señorita" by Shawn Mendes and also Camila Cabello

The señorita in this seductive Latin pop tune from 2019 is obtaining played by an untrusted lover that functions easily. One minute she's dancing through him on a beach, and also the following point you recognize, this silver-tongued devil is moving their budding romance to the neighborhood Holiday Inn for a couple of days.

Although she feels magnetically attracted to him, the smitten gal knows she shouldn't be there through him. She wishes she didn't require him and also acknowledges that she should be running from him. But the negative girl can't assist herself:

Locked in the hotel There's simply some things that never change You say, "We're simply friends." But friends don't understand the method you taste-la-la-la 'Cause you understand it's been a long time comin' Don't you let me fall, ohOh, once your lips undress me Hooked on your tongue Ooh, love, your kiss is deadly Don't soptimal.

This sulattempt song shed up the charts approximately the people and topped the charts in even more than 40 countries, including the USA. Mendes and also Cabello came to be a things in 2019.

3. "Cowboy Cassanova" by Carrie Underwood

Look out for this cowboy bereason his love is favor an illness, a drug, or a curse. Carrie Underlumber compares him to the famed 18th-century Italian playboy Giacomo Cassanova—and not in a flattering way.

In this peppy 2009 country song, the narrator is a betrayed woman who advises other women around the player she fell for. She warns others that might autumn for his excellent looks to run for their resides. This playboy will just carry heartbreak and also empty assures. She hence calls him:

candy-coated miserya devil in disguise anda snake with blue eyes.

4. "I Hope" by Gabby Barrett

This double-crossed lady has a dark, vengeful heart, and she's acquiring the last word. The country hit from 2019 features a female narrator who comments on her ex's brand-new love partnership and wishes him the same misery she competent. She's clever before about it, however, and wraps it up in candy-coated well-wishes.

Even though he damaged her heart by cheating, the jilted narrator initially claims she wishes that his new lady friend renders all his dreams come true. She wishes that his new love interemainder provides him deliriously happy, is every little thing he demands, and he spends his last dime simply to put an engagement ring on her hand.

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"Those who are faithless know the pleasures of love; it is the faithful that understand love’s tragedies." - Oscar Wilde, Irish poet and playwright

Clem Onojeghuo through Unsplash, Free Domain

Even More Songs About Guys Who Are Players

Know a song around a guy who's a player? Make a idea in the Comment Section listed below.

SongArtistYear Released

21. The Girls

Calvin Harris


22. Hit Me via Your Best Shot

Pat Benatar


23. Girls, Girls, Girls

Jay-Z (featuring Jerreau)


24. Good Girls Go Bad

Cobra Starship (featuring Leighton Meester)


25. New Rules

Dua Lipa


26. Girl Watcher

The O'Kaysions


27. I Love Girls

Cody Simpson


28. It Wasn't Me



29. Cookie Jar

Gym Class Heroes (featuring The Dream)


30. 24K Magic

Bruno Mars


31. Playas Gon' Play



32. Before He Cheats

Carrie Underwood


33. You Lie

THe Band Perry


34. Cocky

Kid Rock


35. Kiss My A**

K. Michelle


36. I Wanna Make the Women Tremble

Dr. Hook


37. Sorry



38. No Scrubs



39. I Wanna Know

NOTD (featuring Bea Miller)


40. No More (Baby I'ma Do Right)



41. Too Little, Too Late



42. 4 a.m.

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Melanie Fiona


43. Just a Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody

David Lee Roth


44. Irreplaceable



45. I Don't Wanna Go on through You Like That

Elton John


46. Boys Like You



47. I'm Too Sexy

Right Sassist Fred


48. SexyBack

Justin Timerlake (featuring Timbaland)


49. Shameless

Camilla Cabella


50. Heartbreaker

Pat Benatar


51. Placed You Up On Game

K Michelle


52. Familiar

Liam Payne & J. Balvin


53. My Oh My

Camilla Cabella


54. Bad Guy

Billie Eilish


55. Don't Wanna Be a Player



56. You're No Good

Linda Ronstadt


57. Travelin' Man

Ricky Nelson


58. Take It Easy



59. Your Woman

White Town


60. Papa Was a Rolling Stone

The Temptations (featuring Paul Riser)


61. Baby, Don't Get Hooked on Me

Mac Davis


62. Sorry

Justin Bieber


63. Really Don't Care

Demi Lovato


64. Dead

Madikid Beer


65. C U Next off Tuesday



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