I"m asking my readers to check out a blog of my friend Kevin and also his wife"s celebration of their daughter"s life.

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Should I say:

I"ve met Kevin awhile earlier. Read around he and his wife"s amazing story.


I"ve met Kevin awhile earlier. Read around him and his wife"s remarkable story.

Which one is correct?



There are many kind of methods you might word this. As for which option to select, try omitting "and his wife"s" and also see what happens:

Read around he exceptional story.

Read about him amazing story.

Clearly on, both of those are wrong, and they can not be solved by including "and his wife"s".

So, first let"s solve the short version somejust how. These are all viable candidates:

Read around him and also his exceptional story.Read his remarkable story.Read this exceptional story about him.

Now, let"s put his wife ago into the narrative:

Read about him, his wife and their remarkable story.Read his and also his wife"s exceptional story.Read this amazing story around him and his wife.

Of those last 3, the middle one sounds a tiny off to me. I"d select one of the others on this list, or reword it in some various other means.

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It must be:

I"ve met Kevin awhile earlier. Read around his and also his wife"s remarkable story. if you are talking around Kevin and his wife"s story (both of their stories)

I"ve met Kevin awhile earlier. Read around him and his wife"s remarkable story. if you are trying to suggest that it is just the wife"s story.

It is absolutely not the first answer.

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answered Sep 9 "13 at 8:11

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