Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco builds houses and sustains affordable homeownership opportunities for families in Marin, San Francisco, and also San Mateo counties. Our values focus on structure partnerships, equity, stcapacity, and also legacy.

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Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Maureen Sedonaen

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500 Washington Street Suite 250

San Francisco, CA 94111 USA

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Physical Address

500 Washington Street Suite 250

San Francisco, CA 94111

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500 Washington Street Suite 250

San Francisco, CA 94111



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Housing Growth, Construction, Management (L20)

Houtilizing Rehabilitation (L25)

Community, Neighborhood Development, Improvement (S20)


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Habitat for Humanity Greater SF aims to address growing social inequity and also the region"s housing crisis through the production and also preservation of affordable homeownership opportunities.

What are the organization's present programs, just how perform they measure success,and also who do the programs serve?

Habitat for Humanity Greater SF’s heart is in homebuilding. We develop and build affordable houses for low-income working households earning less than 80% percent of area median income. These family members face incredible press due to our region’s housing affordcapacity crisis.To day we have constructed 252 dwellings for families and also will build a second 270 affordable houses in the next 5 to seven years. In the coming months, we start building on 34 of these brand-new dwellings throughout three areas in our tri-county region.

Habitat for Humanity Greater SF creates affordable homeownership opportunities that enable low-earnings families to realize their potential and accomplish their dreams. Habitat family members spend no more than 30% of household revenue on real estate, which gives stcapacity, protection, and also the chance to leave a heritage for the next generation.Habitat for Humanity Greater SF is the just company in our tri-organization county location that permits households to own a home and pay 0% dvery own and 0% interest on their mortgages; they invest “sweat equity” instead!By removing these obstacles, Habitat provides households a strong structure to build wide range, strive toward financial purposes and also develop a platform on which to grow.Habitat provides homeowners pre-purchase training, and we remain carefully associated to households after they move in, providing the, resources and also community building tasks.

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HGSF gives important residence repairs to assist thwart the pervasive displacement of delicate Bay Area populations. Our occupational supports permanent citizens on solved incomes—especially seniors—so they are safe, secure and also anchored in their houses and communities. Critical house repairs assist in ensuring that a family’s many priceless asset can be left to the following generation. Through this regimen, we also sell repairs to important community-serving framework and also mobilize volunteers roughly green room beautification. To day, we’ve made critical repairs to 123 residences, completed 24 repairs to necessary neighborhood framework, and also boosted dozens of gardens and greenspaces in neighborhoods in our area hardest hit by displacement and gentrification.