Giving up is hard to perform When you really love someone Giving up... so tough to carry out When you still depend upon Her warmth and also tender touch

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Her kiss and her hug.....her caress Oooooh that supplied to expect so a lot And lug you happiness Woooo ooooooooh Giving up, so hard to execute I"ve tried But it just ain"t no use Giving up, so hard to perform I shelp I"ve tried But it simply ain"t no use
But my light of hope is burning dim But But in my heart I pray That my love and confidence in the girl My love...will certainly bring her back someday I"m talking "bout when you really love someone Whether Whether she knows or not
She really requirements me too The little girl is all I acquired Yes she is And offering, offering up is tough to do Giving up So difficult to do Heey...providing up So extremely difficult to do I sassist I"ve tried Hey, but I just can not get loose Giving up So difficult for me to execute I don"t want to shed you





Sparkle (1978) my favorite movie of all time - Sister (Lonette McKee) made me feel this song at a very young age...Very emotional and also sad

This is not a song you listen to when you been through a divorce, it"s been 2 years and also it still hurts , But GOD !! That"s all I have to say !!

Tru Blue

Amen...I feel you...Blessings

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